Source: National Swimming Pool Foundation

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, October 24, 2012 - The Step Into SwimTM Campaign will direct $40,000 to four leading organizations who will help realize the Campaign's goal to create one million more swimmers in the next ten years. The non-profit agencies, American Red Cross, JCC Association, U.S. Swim School Association, and 21st Century Swimming Lessons, will teach children and adults the lifelong, lifesaving, healthy activity of swimming.

"Thanks to the early generosity of industry leaders and private citizens, Step Into Swim is gaining traction. We are pleased to take our first step by taking most of the money that has been donated and giving that to these great organizations," remarks Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., and CEO of the National Swimming Pool Foundation®. The Foundation has organized the Step Into Swim Campaign and has been matching donations, dollar-for-dollar. One hundred percent of every donation - plus the National Swimming Pool Foundation's match - goes directly to the learn-to-swim agencies.

Creating more swimmers prevents drowning, improves people's health by opening a spectrum of aquatic activities, and creates economic growth for the health and family focused pool, spa and aquatics industry. The compelling statistics reinforcing this position are explained in the White Paper published in May. "The Step Into Swim Campaign focuses on helping organizations create more swimmers where almost half of Americans fear deep water and almost three quarters reject the idea of owning a pool," reinforces Dr. Lachocki.

Attendees of the October World Aquatic HealthTM Conference and the inaugural Step Into Swim Congress gave donations during the meetings; others offered commitments to give before year-end. Leading companies including POOLCORP, AllChem, and ARCH Chemicals, and a large private donation from Anita Sayed, recently gave generously to the Step Into Swim Campaign. The National Swimming Pool Foundation Board of Directors voted to double the dollars it will match, from $25,000 to $50,000 for donations received in 2012.

"How often does a donation create a win for society and create economic growth for our field?" asks Dr. Lachocki. "As we approach year-end, we know many organizations and individuals are deciding where to give their tax-deductible donations. We hope industry members, large and small, will unite to step up and share their resources with Step Into Swim campaign to create more swimmers," he concludes.

Donate what is reasonable today at or by mailing a check to 4775 Granby Circle, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919, or by calling 719-540-9119. Industry members, family and colleagues are asked to also LIKE the Facebook page and share the link with friends.

About NSPF® The National Swimming Pool Foundation® is a non-profit organization established in 1965, dedicated to improving public health worldwide and is the leading educator of aquatic facility operators and pool and spa professionals, and the chief philanthropic research sponsor in the aquatics field. The foundation has donated over $4 million since 2003 to fund grants to prevent illness, injury, and drowning, and to demonstrate the health benefits of aquatic activity. In 2012, the Foundation launched Step Into Swim Campaign, a 10-year initiative to create one million more swimmers. Teaching people to swim is an investment in the next generation. The campaign raises funds that are directly given to leading learn-to-swim organizations. Visit and to learn more and to donate.