Source: Vanguard Key Clubs

Hampton Falls, New Hampshire - October1 7, 2011: Vanguard Key Clubs (formerly Vision Fitness Centers) has nationally branded and is announcing an opportunity for individuals to now license their own independent 24-Hour Vanguard Key Club.

19 years ago, CEO, Craig Annis, started Vanguard Key Clubs as Vision Fitness Centers and has grown to five locations in 3 states, becoming the first 24-hour key club fitness centers in the Seacoast areas of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Originally opened as a typical staffed facility, Craig decided to eliminate the financial and other burdens associated with maintaining staff and offering limited hours of operation and converted to the Key Club concept. This move allowed members complete access to all of their fully equipped facilities that range from 7-10,000 square feet, 365 days a year. Almost all the "work" of the business is done online conveniently from any computer so the overhead remains low and hassle free.

Vanguard Key Clubs is now offering National Territories for individuals who want start their own low maintenance facility and to current gym owners looking for a way to lower their expenses and frustrations by converting their existing locations. With a focus on home office support, Craig is very excited to see the brand grow and watch other business owners succeed in an industry that often times does not have the licensees' best interests at heart. For more information or to interact with the owner and current members you can find Vanguard Key Clubs on Facebook, Twitter, and their website,