• Letter from the Editor: Big Picture

    by Andy Berg April 2018

    As an editor, it's easy to get wrapped up in the details of the topics we write about — facility design, college rec programming, complicated legal issues, to name just a few — and lose perspective on what the fitness, athletics and recreation business is really about. My first IHRSA conference in March brought that big picture back into focus.

  • Number of Black MLB Players Grows, But Can it Sustain?

    by Bob Nightengale April 2018

    It's certainly not worth celebrating, but Major League Baseball has at least made back the loss of African American players that a year ago resulted in a historic low.

  • AB Reader Perspectives: What Advice Would You Offer Someone Looking to Succeed in Your Profession?

    by AB Staff April 2018

    John Kirtland II

  • Could the NBA Lure Villanova Coach Jay Wright?

    by Mark Herrmann April 2018

    Starting with Donte DiVincenzo, who had been in a suit and sitting on the bench when his team won the NCAA championship two years ago, just about everyone involved with Villanova basketball was in a different role when it won another title Monday night. The solitary exception was the guy wearing a nicely tailored suit both times. Jay Wright is the constant for the two-time champion and, according to players then and now, the main reason why the Wildcats have been able to climb ladders and cut down nets then and now.

  • Letter from the Editor: A New Partnership

    by Andy Berg April 2018

    As you might have heard, Athletic Business recently announced a partnership with NIRSA. Starting in May, a few pages of every issue will be devoted to offering our readers deep insights from NIRSA on a range of topics related to college recreation. We're proud to be NIRSA's preferred media partner, and we're confident our inherent synergy — fully leveraged — will serve both organizations and their constituents well.

  • Pitt Basketball Taps Capel After Schmidt Withdraws

    by Bucky Gleason March 2018

    St. Bonaventure basketball coach Mark Schmidt pulled his name from consideration for the same job at the University of Pittsburgh on Tuesday, hours before the Panthers hired Duke assistant coach Jeff Capel to take over a struggling program coming off a winless season in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

  • Pitino Says He Did Nothing Wrong, Wants to Coach Again

    by Will Hobson | The Washington Post March 2018

    When the NCAA basketball tournament games tipped off last Thursday, Rick Pitino was sitting in a lounge chair on the patio of his palatial, waterfront home on a tiny island dubbed the "billionaire bunker." He'd just finished a round of golf. His son, owner of a margarita salt company, watched the early games with him but left in the afternoon because his children were in the school play, "Mary Poppins." Pitino's wife went, too, leaving him alone at home, where he watched the late games in bed. "I went to the rehearsal," Pitino said, in apparent effort to head off any criticism of absentee grandfathering. "It was grandparent's day." Pitino's celebrated tenure at Louisville ended last September amid accusations, in court documents sworn to by an FBI agent and approved by federal prosecutors, that he had knowledge of a $100,000 payment from Adidas to the father of a recruit. Since then, the 65-year-old coaching legend has been leading a quiet, inconspicuous life.

  • Utah Baseball Coach Back After Serving Suspension

    by Lynn Worthy March 2018

    Utah baseball coach Bill Kinneberg's return has been relatively seamless. He spent a recent practice session bouncing around the Utes' practice field on Guardsman Way overseeing drills in the outfield, watching his pitchers throw bullpen sessions, having conversation with players and staff.

  • Royals GM Pushes Anti-Pornography Message

    by Bob Nightengale March 2018

    Dayton Moore, the Kansas City Royals 51-year-old general manager, won't judge his employees on their hobbies but will let his spirituality guide his everyday life, despite working in an industry notorious for bawdy and, by some standards, immoral behavior. He's even willing to put himself at odds with those who believe a workplace should be free of moralizing.

  • AB Reader Perspective: Favorite Part About AB Show 2017?

    by AB Staff February 2018

    AB January|February 2018 reader perspective