• Amid Fan Ire, Southern Miss Passes on Briles

    by Jason Scott February 2019

    After news broke that the University of Southern Mississippi was interviewing former Baylor head coach Art Briles for its offensive coordinator job, fans of the program were split. Some were excited that a former Power 5 head coach could potentially help create a strong program at USM. Others were adamantly against hiring a coach who had been dismissed amid an investigation of sexual assaults among players in his program.

  • How Jordan Marie Daniel Uses Running as a Platform for Advocacy

    by Jordan Marie Daniel January 2019

    My name is Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel. I am Kul Wicasa Lakota and a citizen of Kul Wicasa Oyate/Lower Brule Reservation in South Dakota. I am also Diné (Navajo). I am passionate about many things. However, I want to connect two of those passions that really make life worthwhile: running and activism.

  • Letter from the Editor: Keep 'er Movin'

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    It's 2019. Your resolutions have been set, your new diet and workout plans are in place, and you've pretty much stuck with them over the last week (finishing off the leftover cookies from the New Year's Eve celebration is logged on the 2018 ledger, so you're good there). Perhaps the hardest part of these new beginnings lies in our proclaiming them smack dab in the doldrums of winter, which means we have to stay motivated through scarce daylight, heavy eating and some truly crummy weather in many parts of the world (did I mention it's 27 degrees outside as I write this?).

  • Strength Coach Finds Success with Program

    by Rachel Lenzi December 2018

    Strength and conditioning coaches don't get a lot of attention for their work, but Lewis Caralla has shaped the Bulls' drive to be successful, not just through brute force, but by understanding and changing their minds. Training isn't simply an obligation to the Bulls. Caralla has made it into a privilege. He's shaped the Bulls with a combination of tough love, high energy and embracing the philosophy that "we get to lift tomorrow," which has also given him a following on Twitter, where some of his videos have received thousands of views.

  • Charlotte Rescinds Offer; Coach Kept Options Open

    by Richmond Times Dispatch December 2018

    After it was reported by The Athletic's Bruce Feldman on Wednesday that James Madison coach Mike Houston was expected to become the coach at Charlotte, Charlotte director of athletics Mike Hill said in a statement on Friday that Houston's contract offer has been withdrawn.

  • Letter from the Editor: Good People

    by Andy Berg November 2018

    As we put this issue together and made final preparations for AB Show 2018 in New Orleans, we took time to take stock of the good people in the athletics, fitness and recreation industries we've gotten to know, or at least know about.

  • Former Football Coach Golden Sues Miami, 'Owed' $3M

    by Jason Scott October 2018

    Former University of Miami head football coach Al Golden has filed a lawsuit against his old employer for breach of contract, claiming he’s owed $3 million and counting.

  • Quality and Merit

    by Andy Berg October 2018

    Upon notifying this year's Facilities of Merit® winners, one operator contacted us for some background on the program. He was putting together a press release and wanted to know what it was about his facility that caught the judges' attention. It's a deceptively complex question that brought me back to a recent re-reading of Robert Pirsig's classic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a novel that aims and ultimately fails — in the most beautiful of ways — to understand what it is we're talking about when we talk about "quality."

  • Zausner Transforms U.S. Open Facilities, Experience

    by Paul Steinbach September 2018

    The first half of Danny Zausner's 34-year career in event management took him all over the world — first as a concert promoter, then as head of Ogden Entertainment, where he oversaw the operation of 60 stadiums and arenas. For the past 17 years, his focus has resided exclusively on a 42-acre parcel of land a mere 15 miles from his home. As chief operating officer of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, N.Y., Zausner has shepherded a $650 million, eight-year renovation that has transformed the world's largest public tennis facility into the envy of the entire sports world, with retractable roofs on two venues (including 24,000-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium) and a festival atmosphere surrounding its signature event — the U.S. Open. In the process, the Open has seen growth in ticket sales from $45 million to $120 million, as well as increases in attendance (40 percent), food and beverage sales (from $8 million to $30 million) and merchandise sales (from $6 million to $18 million). AB senior editor Paul Steinbach asked Zausner to reflect on his homecoming.

  • A City Transformed by Fitness

    by Andy Berg September 2018

    I ride a bike pretty regularly on the miles of paths that circle the local lakes here in Madison, Wis. My normal route was heavily trafficked by visiting athletes of all stripes, as our little city played host to the 2018 CrossFit Games (Aug. 1-5). An international event that packs our streets, businesses and parks with hardcore fitness junkies, the Games are a master course in putting on an event that transforms not just a venue but a community at large.