• Letter from the Editor: Welcome Back, to the Future

    by Andy Berg August 2019

    For many students, returning to campus is a time of relief — a break from the monotony of that awful summer job. For others, back-to-school time is met with at least some trepidation, as it means ramping up for tests, completing dissertations and perhaps bracing for more of that awful job that pays the rent and keeps ramen in the bowl and strong cheap coffee in the pot.

  • Getting Started in Athletics, Fitness & Recreation

    by Kate Rampone August 2019

    Whether you're transitioning into a management role within an athletics, fitness or recreation organization, or just starting to get your feet wet in the industry, one thing is sure: There's a lot to learn, keep track of and adapt to. New trends in programming, facility design and management are constantly emerging, along with new equipment, developing technology and changing member needs. All of these factors make networking product exploration and continued education vital for success.

  • Letter from the Editor: The Places You'll Go

    by Andy Berg July 2019

    I'm writing this smack dab in the middle of graduation season. All over the country, high school and college students are walking the stage to accept diplomas from their chosen institutions. They've worked hard for that piece of paper, and it's no exaggeration to say that for many it's a ticket to another life. By the time this issue hits mailboxes, many of those newly minted grads will be doing the kinds of summer things that typically follow graduation — internships, vacations, studying abroad and interviewing for "real life" jobs.

  • Big Ten Names Kevin Warren Conference Commissioner

    by Jason Scott June 2019

    Former Minnesota Vikings COO Kevin Warren was officially introduced as the new commissioner of the Big Ten Conference on Tuesday, replacing longtime commissioner Jim Delany. Warren will become the first black commissioner to lead a Power Five athletic conference.

  • Letter from the Editor: Enjoy the Views

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    When I look out my office window, I can see an approximately three-block stretch of real estate that terminates at the southern shoreline of Lake Mendota — one of two lakes that form the Madison isthmus. The neighborhood is a hodgepodge of turn-of-the-century private residences, a couple of aging yet stately brick buildings that sit atop of the University of Wisconsin's fraternity row, and a few 1960s-era office buildings and churches. It's a scene that represents an amalgam of design trends across time, with the expansive lake acting as a dramatic backdrop to a collection of structures neatly built for function without too much thought given to how they fit within the context of the neighborhood.

  • Letter from the Editor: In With the New

    by Andy Berg May 2019

    One of the things I love about this job is seeing how the innovators in our industry — from architects to facility operators — re-envision a space. In some instances that means tearing down the old and building new, but in many situations the best parts of an existing structure can be preserved, and ultimately given a new face and future.

  • Tharon Drake Explains His Journey to Become the NCAA’s First Blind Swimming Coach

    by Tharon Drake April 2019

    Growing up, I always dreamed big and knew with hard work I could make things happen. Maybe not on the first or second try, but after attempting something countless times, I knew I could accomplish just about anything. Today, I am a husband, swimmer, coach, 2016 Rio Paralympic medalist, and the first blind coach in USA Swimming and NCAA history.

  • UNC's Hatchell Resigns Amid Investigation into Remarks

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    After 33 years at the helm of the women’s basketball program at the University of North Carolina, coach Sylvia Hatchell has resigned. The move was announced Thursday by Bubba Cunningham in an email.

  • Letter from the Editor: Human Element

    by Andy Berg April 2019

    This issue renders an interesting dichotomy. On the one hand, we're going to terrify the Luddites among our readership, as we address the many ways that technology is fundamentally changing the athletics, fitness and recreation industries. From our cover story, which details how satellite-guided robots are increasingly tasked with painting field lines, to an article about the software and apps that are revolutionizing tournament hosting, the advancement of technology is very real and will continue as long as there are smart, inquisitive people looking to solve problems.

  • Amid Fan Ire, Southern Miss Passes on Briles

    by Jason Scott February 2019

    After news broke that the University of Southern Mississippi was interviewing former Baylor head coach Art Briles for its offensive coordinator job, fans of the program were split. Some were excited that a former Power 5 head coach could potentially help create a strong program at USM. Others were adamantly against hiring a coach who had been dismissed amid an investigation of sexual assaults among players in his program.