• Opinion: Bad Sports Parents Teach Bad Lessons

    by Roger Chesley June 2018

    Perhaps you, like me, have been an adult whose children participated in youth sports. And perhaps you, like me, have seen and heard parents behaving badly during games. You know what I mean: Taunting opposing players. Yelling at coaches. Threatening refs or umpires. From the basketball court to the baseball diamond, the soccer pitch to the football field, parents often embarrass their children and other folks associated with their own team. Rarely, though, does a parent physically attack a teenager during a game. It’s shocking to even consider.

  • Panthers' Jennifer King Breaks Coaching Barriers

    by Jourdan Rodrigue June 2018

    Jennifer King used to peer through the slats in the fence of the NFL Carolina Panthers' practice fields, which sprawl emerald green under the city skyline just a few feet from where she parks her car each morning. King would watch the Panthers practice through those slats as she walked into work at Johnson & Wales University's athletics facilities just behind Bank of America Stadium, yearning to be on the other side. A multisport athlete, she grew up in Reidsville before excelling in basketball and softball at Guilford College in Greensboro. She developed a passion for coaching, for shaping young athletes and leading them through adversity.

  • Working in Fitness: Reflections on the Journey

    by Sarah Kosch June 2018

    Some of their paths have taken surprising turns. Some work in the gym, others are administrators or consultants. Some teach transferable skills to student employees and some are at the front of the room, directing participants to leave their stress at the door and spend an hour thinking only about their bodies and the way they can move.

  • AB Show Keynoter Randy Hetrick Talks TRX Success

    by Paul Steinbach June 2018

    It began by accident. Isolated from fitness equipment during a 1997 deployment, Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick rigged some martial arts belts he found packed with his gear into a makeshift workout tool — what would evolve over the following eight years, including a stint at Stanford Business School, into the suspension trainer at the core of fitness juggernaut TRX. AB senior editor Paul Steinbach asked Hetrick, who will deliver a keynote address titled "Lessons of a Frogman: Business Leadership I Learned as a SEAL" at AB Show 2018 this November in New Orleans, for a closer look at the surprises and successes that have turned his functional training equipment and education brand into a rapidly growing $60 million-a-year enterprise.

  • How New AD Harlan Landed Dream Job at Utah

    by Christopher Kamrani June 2018

    Some might say it’s a little too serious, a little too silly even, but in college, colors invoke a reaction. You’re either red or you’re blue, gold or orange or green. As an athletics administrator with sky-high ambition, it might behoove you to have a diversified closet because one day, who knows where you’ll land. Mark Harlan proved as much when he was unveiled as Utah’s first new athletic director in 31 years earlier this week, busting out a crimson red tie he said he had buried somewhere at home. There was a point, during his four years as a senior associate AD at UCLA, where the color simply wasn’t allowed. In Westwood, Calif., there are no red pens. If there was an issue, the athletic department refused to call it “red tape” — instead it was Bruin blue. Now? “We’re building up the red wardrobe,” Harlan said.

  • AB Show: Two Keynotes, One Impactful Event

    by Kate Rampone June 2018

    Ask any athletics, fitness or recreation professional and they'll tell you that the industry is ever-evolving: new technology, new equipment, new programming options, new trends to follow — and the list goes on. A major part of working in this industry is making sure that your facility and programming are up-to-date and meeting the needs of your users. Finding the next big thing can help you improve your bottom line, and learning new methods to increase retention at your facility is vital to the success of your company or organization. If you're not doing this, you're already behind.

  • Ryan Holiday on Turning Business Trials into Triumph

    by Paul Steinbach June 2018

    Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said, "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way." In his best-selling book The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph, author Ryan Holiday applies words of wisdom from some of history's greatest thinkers to the modern business world. Special guest AB contributor and AB Show presenter Chantal Brodrick, host of the Fitness Business Podcast, recently asked Holiday, director of marketing for American Apparel for six years and the founding partner for Brass Check Marketing, to share his philosophies on marketing and self-discipline, as well as what AB Show attendees can expect from his keynote address — "The Obstacle Is the Way" — Nov. 9 in New Orleans.

  • Letter from the Editor: What's Behind a Brand?

    by Andy Berg June 2018

    Golden arches, crispy fries, a red-haired clown — these otherwise disparate items make sense together because of one company's carefully crafted branding strategy. Today, colleges — even high schools — are tasked with honing their own brands in ways similar to what McDonald's has done.

  • Letter from the Editor: An Expression of Values

    by Andy Berg June 2018

    Our annual Architectural Showcase is a striking portrait of the individuals and communities that comprise the modern athletics, fitness and recreation industries. The 62 facilities featured in these pages are expressions of the athlete and community member — how she goes about her chosen activity, how she interacts with her community, and how her community supports her goals.

  • AB Reader Perspective: What's the Most Underutilized Part of Your Facility?

    by AB Staff June 2018

    AB July|August 2018 reader perspective