• Opinion: Behavior Among Young Athletes Worsening

    by Phil Mushnick August 2017

    Last week, with the Little League World Series underway, we heard from Bill Henel, a 20-year Brick, N.J., LL umpire — eventually its chief umpire ‚— who'd had enough. The kids exhibited less and less sportsmanship, while increasingly mimicking the all-about-me behavior borrowed from TV's aggrandizement of the excessively immodest.

  • Opinion: Athletes Shouldn't Be Kept from Speaking Out

    by Shawn Windsor August 2017

    It shouldn't be surprising that athletes are tired of staying silent. They are reacting to what they see. And what they see is unsettling.

  • Father of Steubenville Rapist Allegedly Shoots Judge

    by Dayton Daily News August 2017

    The man who shot a judge outside a county courthouse before being gunned down by a probation officer was the father of a Steubenville High School football player who was convicted of rape in 2013, authorities said Monday.

  • Book Provides Warning to Schools Looking to Hire Briles

    by Dan Wolken August 2017

    Now that the lawsuits are starting to get settled, Art Briles is making noise about coaching again. His attorney, Mark Lanier, told the Waco Tribune-Herald last week that schools had reached out to the former Baylor coach and practically predicted he'd be back on the sideline in 2018. So it's a good time for another reminder of why that shouldn't happen -- not now, not ever. As it happens, that reminder arrives Tuesday in the form of Violated, a new book co-authored by ESPN reporters Paula Lavigne and Mark Schlabach that offers the most comprehensive account to date of the Baylor sexual assault scandal that brought down Briles, school president and chancellor Ken Starr and athletics director Ian McCaw among others.

  • AB Show: Elevate Your Fitness Center with Technology

    by Kate Rampone August 2017

    There's no denying that technology is transforming the way we perform many day-to-day tasks. To learn more about how high tech is transforming the fitness industry, I sat down with AB Show 2017 speaker Rachel Koretsky, CEO and Founder of upace, a mobile platform designed specifically for fitness, recreation and community centers.

  • AB Reader Perspective: What’s on Your Reading List?

    by AB Staff August 2017

    Read any good books lately? Share your comment below.

  • No Charges Filed Against Youth Sports Director

    by Tyler Jett August 2017

    County Attorney Chad Young said he was worried that Ringgold Youth Sports Association Director Earl Epps was turning a profit at those tournaments, making money on the local government's property without any sort of contract. The concerns went so far that a prosecutor asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation looked into the case.

  • Other NFL Players Fill Kaepernick's Protest Void

    by Jarrett Bell August 2017

    The protests of Seattle Seahawks' Michael Bennett and Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch served notice that the NFL can't distance itself from the nation's social turmoil by refusing to give Kaepernick an opportunity.

  • Reader Perspectives: What Has Been Your Best Equipment Purchase?

    by AB Editors August 2017

    We're asking Athletic Business readers to tell us about their best purchases.

  • Minnesota State HS League Executive Director to Step Down

    by Jim Paulsen August 2017

    After 31 years with the Minnesota State High School League, nearly all of them as the league's executive director, Dave Stead announced Tuesday that he plans to step down from the position Feb. 1.