Facilities of Merit 2015: Sun Devil Fitness Complex Tempe Renovation and Expansion, Arizona State University

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Sun Devil Fitness Complex Tempe Renovation and Expansion, Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ 2015
Year in Showcase: 2015

Project Description

The Sun Devil Fitness Complex renovation and expansion creates a new gateway into Arizona State University’s Tempe campus while providing an extensive new student recreation and lounge space. Located adjacent to the existing student recreation building, the expansion includes five new basketball courts, a fitness center, a wellness center, lounge and gaming areas, and a MAC for indoor soccer and field hockey.

The building’s stacked forms create unique views, provide areas for shaded public space, and allow views of the many mixed-use activities. Three of the five basketball courts are located on the second floor, with large windows providing views of the surrounding ASU campus. The MAC has floor-to-ceiling glass windows opening views to adjacent campus roadways, while an outdoor passageway under the second-floor gyms provides a gateway for students entering campus from the south.

Durable fiber cement panel rainscreen cladding creates a dynamic facade that is both highly energy-efficient and complementary to the local context. The project, which is tracking LEED Platinum, features desert-appropriate design strategies — including deep overhangs and louvers to shade all exterior glass — a cementitious rainscreen cladding system and rooftop solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems. These components together contribute to a 70 percent reduction in energy use intensity.

Judge's Comments

"The powerful massing both respects the context and climate, while also making a striking modern gesture." — James Braam

"Interlocking masses provide a strong architectural composition that is sensitive to the original building form and solar orientation." — Anita Moran

"Dynamic and bold exterior architectural geometry that summons one to enter and explore." — Tom Poulos

Project Details

Architect: Studio MA, Inc
Architect: Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Aquatic Design Consultant: Counsilman-Hunsaker
Construction Cost: $24.5 million
Square Feet: 93,000 SF (new) + 20,000 SF (renovation
Occupancy: August 2013

Fitness Center - Cardiovascular Equipment: Precor Incorporated

Fitness Center - Flooring, Fitness Center: Mondo

Fitness Center - Free-Weight Equipment: Cybex International Inc.

Fitness Center - Strength Equipment: Cybex International Inc.

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Divider Curtains: Porter Athletic

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Scoreboards/Timing Systems: Daktronics Inc.

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena – Basketball systems : Porter Athletic

Indoor Soccer/Inline Rinks - Dashers: Cascadia Sport Systems

Indoor Sports Surfaces - Basketball: Robbins Sports Surfaces

Indoor Sports Surfaces - Track: Mondo

Architect Of Record

Studio MA, Inc
Phoenix, AZ

Associate Architect

Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Watertown, MA