Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

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Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

Calgary, AB 2018

Project Description

Nestled in the foothills of the northwest part of Calgary, the Shane Homes

YMCA at Rocky Ridge is a regional community and recreation center that

combines sports and fitness activities with cultural and community uses. Inspired by the rolling landscape, the YMCA is an open and integrated facility connecting uses on the site with the activities inside.

The building houses a hockey and leisure ice arena, a triple gymnasium, a running track, a large fitness area and studios, and an aquatics center with an eight-lane, 25-meter competition pool, a wave pool, a lazy river and vortex, a climbing wall, a water slide and a tots pool.

In addition to its fitness and recreation uses, Shane Homes YMCA has community program spaces including a 250-seat theater, art-making and display spaces, and a public library branch. It also incorporates tenant

spaces for food services and physiotherapy.

Project Details

Architect: GEC Architecture
Architect: n/a
Construction Cost: $138,474,306.10
Square Feet: 280,000ft2
Occupancy: December 2017

Fitness Center - Climbing Walls: Executive Millwork

Fitness Center - Flooring, Aerobics: Centaur Floor Systems LLC

Fitness Center - Strength Equipment: Cybex International Inc.

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Lighting: Longbow Sales - E&D Specialty Stands Inc.

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Scoreboards/Timing Systems: Omni Sport

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Scorers Tables: Startec Refrigeration

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Tennis Court Nets/Posts: Centaur

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Track & Field Equipment: Centaur

Ice Rinks - Bleachers/Grandstands: Centaur – Robbins Floor Pulastic Classic 110

Ice Rinks - Dashers: Centaur

Ice Rinks - Refrigeration Units: Samsung & Ispo

Ice Rinks Refrigeration Slabs: Reward Construction Ltd.

Indoor Soccer/Inline Rinks - Dashers: Samsung & Ispo

Indoor Sports Surfaces - Basketball: Igor’s Construction – Olympia & Dal Tile

Indoor Sports Surfaces - Multipurpose: Shanahan’s – Shanahan’s Metal

Indoor Sports Surfaces - Tennis: Shanahan’s – Shanahan’s Metal and Bobrick Phenolic

Indoor Sports Surfaces - Track: Shanahan’s - Suitmate

Laundry - Dryers: Bluebird – Sportsystems Canada

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Football Goal Posts: Master Pools – Nationwide Commercial Aquatics PoolPod & SR Smith Splash Pool Lift

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Lighting: Longbow Sales - E&D Specialty Stands Inc.

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Soccer Goals: Master Pools – BECS Technology

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Sports Surfaces: Master Pools

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Track & Field Equipment: Trotter & Morton – Engineered Air

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Windscreens: Igor’s Construction - Tile

Pools - Access Ramps/Stairs: Duraflex International Corp.

Pools - Bleachers: Master Pools – Nemato Corp.

Pools - Bulkheads: Lawson Aquatics Inc.

Pools - Chemical Control Systems: Master Pools

Pools - Cleaners/Vacuums: Spectrum Aquatics

Pools - Deck/Basin Surface: Western Electric

Pools - Dehumidifiers: Master Pools

Pools - Filtration Systems: Spectrum Aquatics

Pools - Gutters: AquaClimb

Pools - Lighting: Master Pools Triogen

Pools - Sanitization Systems: Reward Construction LTD.

Pools - Starting Blocks: Spectrum Aquatics

Pools - Water Play Features: AquaClimb

Pools – U/V Disinfection: Master Pools - Triogen

Architect Of Record

GEC Architecture
Calgary, AB

Associate Architect


Design Architect

GEC Architecture
Calgary, AB

Aquatic Engineer

Councilman Hunsaker
St. Louis, MO

Landscape Architect

Calgary, AB

Programming Consultant

K. Knights & Associates
Calgary , AB

Refrigeration Consultant

Thermocarb Ltd
Calgary, AB