NRH Centre

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NRH Centre

North Richland Hills, Texas 2013

Project Description

NRH Centre markets itself to the North Richland Hills community — a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas — as “the Centre of your world.” Fourteen years in the making, this facility is the realization of a remarkable commitment to providing quality-of-life projects for residents.

The building is not just a recreation center or a senior center, nor is it simply a venue for special events. NRH Centre is a multifunctional and multigenerational facility that combines amenities that were either missing or scattered around the area.

In response to the client’s desire for an “open and inviting” design, the massive 85,000-square-foot building was broken down into inviting forms and functions of a more intimate human scale, while also providing visual access and openness across spaces. Outside, clear and comfortable approaches bring patrons to one of three control points serving each distinct function.

Once inside, patrons have the ability to move between functions, but are not compelled to. Each key function has its own interior design personality, yet they all work together. Features unique among the region’s municipal facilities include a climbing wall within the natatorium and a Terrace Bar that supports the ballroom for special events.

Project Details

ARCHITECT OF RECORD: Brinkley Sargent Architects; Dallas, Texas
AQUATIC DESIGN ENGINEER: Counsilman-Hunsaker; St. Louis, Mo.
Construction Cost: $21 million
Square Feet: 84,963
Occupancy: April 2012

Basketball Flooring: Connor Sports

Bleachers/Grandstands: Jaypro Sports LLC

Cardiovascular Equipment: Life Fitness

Chemical Control Systems: BECS Technology Inc.

Cleaners/Vacuums: Maytronics US Inc.

Cleaners/Vacuums: Pentair Aquatic Systems

Climbing Walls: Shotcrete Custom Rockwall, Cost of Wisconsin Corp.

Deck/Basin Surface: Dal-Tile Corp.

Deck/Basin Surface: Interceramic

Deck/Basin Surface: SMG

Divider Curtains: Draper Inc.

Filtration Systems: Neptune-Benson Inc.

Fitness Center - Railing: HDI Railing Systems

Fitness Center - Shades: Mechoshade

Flooring: Interceramic

Food Service and Concessions: GE Lighting Systems

Food Service and Concessions: Jenn-Air

Food Service and Concessions: Summit

Gutters: Lawson Aquatics Inc.

Ladders/Grab Bars: Spectrum Aquatics

Lane Markers: Antiwave Pool Products

Lighting: ALW

Lighting: Beta Lighting

Lighting: K.W. Industries

Lighting: Lightcontrol

Lighting: Lithonia Lighting

Lighting: Louis Poulsen

Lighting: Omega

Lighting: Pentair Aquatic Systems

Lighting: Scott Architectural

Lighting: SPI Lighting Inc.

Lockers: Tufftec Lockers

Pools - Acoustic Panels: Troy Accoustics

Pools - Leisure and Spa: Sunbelt Pools Inc.

Pools - Slides: SplashTacular Entertainment

Sanitization Systems: LMI, Milton Roy

Scoreboards/Timing Systems: Nevco Inc.

Shower/Toilet Partitions: General Partitions Mfg. Co.

Wall Padding: Draper Inc.

Water Play Features: Vortex Aquatic Structures Int'l Inc.