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Midwest Health Aquatic Center

Topeka, KS
Construction Cost: $9.25 Million
Area / Square Feet: 17,460
Occupancy Date: August 2017


The design theme for Midwest Health Aquatic Center was “fun.” The owner wanted to provide the community with an aquatic center that had something for everyone.


Part of the fun was designing something not available anywhere else. That led to the bow-tie wave pool, which is currently the only wave pool of its type in the United States. By using Aquatic Development Group’s TwinTides WaveTek system, the pool can generate roller and V-waves from low to moderate intensity, as well as a high-energy, diamond-wave formation. Up to four wave types can be preprogrammed or changed on demand.


The project site has a moderate to severe slope that dropped nearly 15 feet across the span of the site. With this challenge, each pool sits on a separate elevation. Approximately five feet of elevation change exists between each body of water. The designers strategically utilized the high point of the site to place the water slide tower and give the facility a focal point.