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Margot Connell Recreation Center

Chestnut Hill, MA
Construction Cost: N/A
Area / Square Feet: 244,000
Occupancy Date: August 2019


A cornerstone for Boston College’s commitment to student health and wellbeing, the new Margot Connell Recreation Center is a beacon for the institution. The state-of-the-art facility is a venue that the entire Boston community can enjoy, while also serving as an important asset to several of Boston College’s varsity athletics teams for competition and training.


The 244,000-square-foot Center offers a wide variety of recreation options to the community, including individual and group training areas, a gymnasium, a multipurpose court, indoor tennis, an elevated jogging track (perfect for Boston Marathon training), a mind-body studio, group exercise rooms and fitness neighborhoods located throughout the facility.


The aquatic center features three bodies of water, including a 5,650-square-foot competition pool, a 2,300-square-foot instructional pool, and a 175-square-foot spa, all within a 24,000-square-foot natatorium space. Programmatically, the facility can be used uniquely by all students and staff throughout the three bodies of water. The competition pool can be mainly used by the intercollegiate athletics teams, students and staff for fitness lap swimming. The instructional pool becomes a more active water space with water volleyball and water basketball, but it can also be used for programmed classes that required shallower water. The spa can be used not only for therapy purposes, but it also allows students and staff to unwind after classes.