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Eastside Community Center

Tacoma, WA
Construction Cost: $22 Million
Area / Square Feet: 55,000
Occupancy Date: October 2018


Overall, the Eastside Community Center pool combines a variety of pool depths not typically seen in one body of water. The shallow end supports younger, smaller users with water depths as shallow as 1.5 feet. The deep end slopes down to 12 feet, allowing an array of recreational features for older users, such as diving, climbing, log rolling, ziplining and kayaking. Combining all of the desired features and water depths into one body of water eliminated the need for two pools, which offered substantial cost savings.


As patrons travel from north to south, the pool’s features gradually become more intense and varied. This transition offers opportunities for pool patrons of all comfort levels and abilities to enjoy the pool as they progress and grow. The shallowest area of the pool includes a wide stair entry and gentle spray features, while it is partially protected from the rest of the pool with a narrow wing wall. The intermediate zone, which slopes down to 3.5 feet, has its own staircase and includes larger features, more active water and another dividing wing wall. The third and largest zone slopes from 3.5 feet down to 12 feet and provides the highest recreational value, as well as four 25-yard lap lanes, a 1-meter springboard, a 10-foot drop slide and a zipline.


The pool offers a variety of features while still maintaining the right amount of space for comfortable use. A poolside spa adds to the comfort, while the modern pool mechanical system is energy efficient. BECSys7 chemistry controllers act as the brain for the entire pool and spa mechanical system. The controllers constantly monitor the pool and spa water chemistry and adjust the chemical feed rates based on these readings. The controllers also monitor the automatic backwash cycle for the sand filtration tanks and allow the pool operators to remotely monitor the water chemistry readings and alerts in real time.