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YMCA Yakima Rotary Aquatic Center

Yakima, WA
Construction Cost: $28 Million
Area / Square Feet: 66,000
Occupancy Date: December 2019


The YMCA Yakima Rotary Aquatic Center had a unique focus on multipurpose solutions that would allow the facility to host multiple groups, ages and abilities at the same time. Specifically, the goal was to keep a few lap lanes running regularly, except during scheduled events and swim meets. One practical design solution that will result in ease of operations is the use of various bodies of water. By having a warm-water therapy pool, lap lanes and the family pool/lazy river all on individual systems, the operators will be able to quickly turn over one body of water when needed, while keeping the remainder of the natatorium open.


The space-saving indoor-outdoor Splashtacular body flume slides provide two main benefits. By putting the flumes on the outside of the building, they serve as an advertisement for the facility to showcase the excitement that users can experience inside. They also help to save valuable natatorium space by housing the slide towers and flume twists and turns on the outside of the building.


The play structures’ grassland design is narrated by lively wildflowers, splashing insects and tower soakers that reinvigorate the play experience for all ages and energy levels — all with great sight lines for guards and staff. This iconic feature that gives a good sense of arrival to those entering the aquatic area. Users will truly feel like they are embracing the great outdoors.