Bisti Bay at Brookside Park

Farmington, NM
Construction Cost: $8 Million
Area / Square Feet: 45,000
Occupancy Date: July 2019

Bisti Bay waterpark replaced the Brookside Pool that closed in 2016 due to safety and health concerns. The new waterpark is an impressive addition to the city’s recreational offerings, with design concepts developed during community input meetings held over a two-year span. The city council was determined to build an exciting aquatics experience that combined the nostalgia of a popular community facility with the region’s iconic landscapes. The goals of the project included improving the region’s tourism and outdoor recreation industries.

The new waterpark holds more than 100,000 gallons of water and can accommodate approximately 400 guests.

Integration of artwork and custom elements based on the theme of the Four Corners community’s natural outdoor assets — such as fossils, rock formations and the night sky — was a major priority of the design. Art and theming elements were integrated into the pool deck paving, fencing and canopies, and reinforced through use of textures and colors in the landscape material.