Kirksville Aquatic Center

Kirksville, Missouri
Construction Cost: $8.52 million
Area / Square Feet: 10,362 (indoor/outdoor water surface)

The City of Kirksville’s original aquatic center opened in 1999 and featured an indoor lap pool and outdoor leisure pool. In 2018, a feasibility study concluded that major renovations were needed to keep the facility operable. 

New opportunities became a reality for the Kirksville community when the aquatic center reopened in 2021. More community members were able to partake in a variety of activities due to the variations of depths and new amenities, such as water slides and a current channel. The aquatic features were modified to accommodate swim teams, water walking and water aerobics. The new design was also geared toward young swimmers for easier entry and provided ample room for swim lessons and birthday parties. 

During the design process, extra attention was given to higher visibility to decrease lifeguard demands, and to create spaces for varying abilities and activity levels. The Kirksville Aquatics Center is now a beautiful aquatic facility enjoyed by all kinds of swimmers.


SFS Architecture Inc. 


Waters Edge Aquatic Design 


• Indoor pool 

• Outdoor pool 

• Water slides 

• Current channel 


Chemical Control Systems
Lane Markers
Competitor Swim
Neptune Benson/Evoqua
ADA Lifts, Access Ramps, Ladders/Grab Bars
Spectrum Aquatics
Swimsuit Water Extractor
Suitmate by Extractor Corp.