Gregory Gymnasium Aquatic Complex Renovation and Expansion University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX
Construction Cost: $13.9 million
Area / Square Feet: 70,000
Occupancy Date: December 2005

The Gregory Gymnasium Aquatic Complex is the newest and most dynamic piece of this storied facility. The complex includes five individual pool tanks, both indoor and outdoor; an outdoor spa, café and reception garden; and nearly 33,000 square feet of pool deck. Completion of this project successfully achieves the Division of Rec Sports’ goal to provide a high-quality, resort-type atmosphere serving the entire UT community — students, faculty and staff alike.

Users gain access to the outdoor pools and natatorium by entering the existing main entrance lobby in Gregory Gymnasium. This single point of control for all recreational facilities provides for staff efficiency and simple wayfinding for students and faculty.

The rich materials selected for the natatorium remodel and for the new outdoor spaces create an environment that is unified, comprehensive and seamless in connection to the existing recreational facility. In addition, materials chosen for all exteriors match the materials used on existing buildings elsewhere on campus. The exterior facades utilize a cast-stone base and a blend of five different brick colors that match Gregory Gymnasium. The brick facades also repeat the existing basket-weave and soldier-course patterns found there.

Daylighting and large window openings provide visual connection to the outdoor pool area. The natatorium design focuses on embellishing and revealing the original building features. The original large steel-frame window openings were rejuvenated with new thermally efficient aluminum frames and glazing.