Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Concourse Renovation - University of Florida

Gainesville, FL
Construction Cost: $4.7 million
Area / Square Feet: 43,320
Occupancy Date: July 2012

The concourses at the University of Florida’s Ben Hill Griffin Stadium required upgrades that included updated finishes and lighting, a decorative floor finish, as well as wall graphics and banners. Concessions areas were also reconfigured and relocated, while restrooms were renovated. The overriding goal of the project was to improve stadium functionality and image for both gameday and non-gameday use. The primary objectives were to update finishes for a consistent and clean appearance; reduce visual clutter, especially overhead mechanical and electrical utilities; improve crowd flow; improve the functionality of concessions for users and vendors; add more concessions points of sale, including cooking options; create exciting spaces for gameday as well as non-game day visitors; and tell the story of the success of Gator football.

The design concept celebrates spectator and visitor focal points within the venue. Wall- and column-mounted graphics were selected to create a transition between the brick exterior of the stadium and the Florida-orange interior. The project has been well-received by fans and visitors.

Concessions sales have increased, and the graphics throughout the concourses are used as backdrops for fan photos, graduation photos, and for reliving the great memories of Gator football.