Trojan Fitness & Wellness Center

Troy, AL
Construction Cost: 21094002.15
Area / Square Feet: 78424
Occupancy Date: January 2020

The Trojan Fitness and Wellness Center makes a positive impact by promoting healthy habits, advancing an already robust recreation and wellness program and improving quality of life for all campus constituents. The Trojan Fitness Center is the first landmark to welcome visitors to campus. An inviting rotunda on the northeast side offers visibility into all three levels of the facility, while the building exterior optimizes an attractive combination of brick, stone and glass — a material palette that lends strong architectural character to campus.

Intentionally transparent and filled with active spaces, the building’s interior is bright, open and airy. A grand stair and multistory spaces are striking visual elements of its efficient layout. Interior design embodies the university by utilizing the Troy cardinal color on all sides of the uniquely designed track, a main feature connecting spaces that can be seen from nearly every vantage point. The integration of rich walnut wood further enhances the connection to nature and wellbeing.

Experiential graphics play a large role in the interior design. Flags of the more than 70 countries represented in the student population are proudly displayed. Whimsical drawings of people in action appear throughout the building, embodying the university’s motto: “Educate the mind to think, the heart to feel and the body to act.”

Like other key parts of this campus, strong colors, warm materials and rich international history are foundational to the facility’s final design solution.