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Hughes Stadium Expansion Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO
Construction Cost: $15.2 million
Occupancy Date: September 2005

The expansion of 35-year-old Hughes Stadium blends the clean lines of the original structure while enhancing its exterior form with a nod to the nearby Rocky Mountains. Contemporary materials such as glass and metal were used to enclose the new building volumes. Exterior forms rise from the west, with the mountains as their backdrop. These volumes, which enclose concourses and a new suite level, facilitate traffic flow and bring life to the activities of the stadium within. Additionally, punched “picture frame” windows dot the expansion’s west elevation, providing views of the Front Range from the suite hall.

Primary renovations to Hughes Stadium occurred in two locations, adding 12 spacious suites, a VIP area (the Ram’s Horn Club), press facilities, club seating and lounges in a west sideline expansion. The new structure along the west sideline harmonizes with and preserves the integrity of the existing stadium by using similar geometries and materials in their natural state of color and finish. Seating was also added in the north end zone, where the concourse was expanded for better circulation.

Slate walls, embodying the feel of the Rocky Mountain backdrop, provide a dramatic entry for all suite and press patrons. Subtle logos etched into the slate give fans a constant reminder that they are in Ram country.

All new construction is self-supporting, without relying on the existing stadium. The modular design of the renovation will allow the stadium to easily expand further in the future.