Things aren't looking so good for the NYPD - New York Parks Department, that is. The department came under fire in May after allegations of sexual harassment at an annual holiday party last December. The department's notoriously raunchy holiday party was reported to have included copious amounts of alcohol, a stripper pole and inappropriate sexual behavior, including encouraging part-time female employees to dance and strip in exchange for promotions.

Now, an 11-page report on the incident from the city's Department of Investigation uncovered that the department's deputy chief of operations, James Cafaro, had saved some 12,000 inappropriate photos on his city-issued cell phone, including male and female genitalia. Cafaro defended his cell phone's contents, saying it was part of his "unique" and "off-kilter" management style, according to the New York Daily News.

Both Cafaro and Parks Supervisor Angelo Figueroa denied attending the scandalous holiday party, despite contradictory witness accounts. Figueroa has since been transferred to a non-supervisory position within the department, while Cafaro remains suspended during the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, the Parks Department has issued a "Nonfraternization" policy and is working to enhance training for employee conduct and workplace standards.