• HS Alleges Racial Slurs, Cancels Future Games

    by Dillon Carr September 2018

    Penn Hills School District has canceled all sports games against Connellsville Area School District amid reports that Connellsville students, fans and players slung racial slurs at Penn Hills players during a varsity boys soccer game. Nancy Hines, Penn Hills superintendent, said the school will not travel to Connellsville or host the school until the Sept. 6 incident is investigated and resolved by the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League. "It was so disturbing that it warranted our position and immediate involvement of WPIAL," Hines said. Connellsville Superintendent Joseph Bradley said his district is taking the allegations seriously and will not condone unsportsmanlike conduct from spectators or athletes.

  • High School Disputes Opponent's Racism Claims

    by Steve Fryer September 2018

    Aliso Niguel High School’s administration worked Monday to quell a controversy over alleged racist and provocative signs and comments aimed at the Santa Ana High football team and its fans during Friday’s game at Aliso Niguel High’s on-campus stadium. Santa Ana High principal Jeff Bishop stated in a Facebook post late Friday night after Aliso Niguel’s 42-21 victory that he was proud of how Santa Ana’s team and its coaches handled “the racist welcome the ‘Saints’ received as they walked into the stadium and read the posters referencing — Trump, ‘We love White,’ ‘Build the Wall’ and various other politically and racially charged statements.” He added that the students were “disrespectful and out of control” during the game.

  • Principal Apologizes for Students' Watermelon Stunt

    by Jason Scott September 2018

    A Louisville-area high school principal has issued a letter to parents apologizing for an incident involving students at Ballard High School passing around a watermelon at a football game against the predominantly black Central High School.

  • High School Cuts Six Cheerleaders for Hazing Incident

    by Mitchell Northam August 2018

    In a letter sent to parents recently, Centennial High School's principal said that some cheerleaders were kicked off the school's squad after a recent hazing incident occurred at the home of a "cheer family."

  • Opinion: Obsession with Winning Hurting Youth Sports

    by Dan Rothert July 2018

    The obsession with winning and being the best is killing youth sports. The obsession with publicizing youth sports successes exaggerates this obsession even further and forces parents into FOMO (Fear of Missing Out - my previous column) and unrealistic parental expectations. We need to bring back the fun and focus on development, quit worrying about winning and "keeping up with the Joneses" and stop publicly boasting about our kids' youth sports successes.

  • Basketball Team Attacks Ref in Amateur Tournament

    by Andy Berg July 2018

    An Under-17 basketball game devolved into a brawl when players attacked a referee during the semifinals of The Association tournament at the Lake Point Sports Complex in Emerson, Georgia. 

  • Native American Group Seeks District Mascot Change

    by Bob Ratterman and Brennen Kauffman July 2018

    The Native American Rights Fund, based in Boulder, Colo., cites disrespect to the culture as well as harmful psychological effects such mascots have on not only Native American people but also other races.

  • Fans Clean Up Stadium After World Cup Victories

    by Andy Berg June 2018

    Japan and Senegal both took home wins Tuesday at the World Cup and their fans decided to celebrate in an admirable way.

  • High School Tennis Players Face Discipline over Photo

    by Paul Steinbach May 2018

    A high school in Georgia is investigating an incident in which a photo of tennis players wearing white bags reminiscent of Ku Klux Klan hoods appeared last week on social media.

  • Wisconsin Basketball Team Considered Boycott

    by Andy Berg May 2018

    Will the NCAA eventually see a Division I men’s basketball team boycott a game over player compensation? Nigel Hayes thinks so.