• Building and Maintaining Effective Student Sections

    by Chris LaReau & Dr. Peter Titlebaum January 2019

    College athletics is in the midst of an “attendance crisis,” and student sections are not exempt. National championship contending programs continue to lose student support. Athletic departments must evolve their thinking on student sections or risk losing their student fan base. Following are best practices related to student section leadership, student engagement and sponsorship activation. 

  • Basketball Teams Banned from Postseason for Brawl

    by Jason Scott January 2019

    A bench-clearing brawl that broke out between boys basketball teams on Dec. 7 has led to both teams being disqualified from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Playoffs.

  • High School Soccer Team Pictured Giving Nazi Salute

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    A picture of yet another group of high school student-athletes performing the Nazi salute has hit social media.  

  • Cheer Team Suspended over Racist Snapchat Video

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    The perils of social media are once again in full view after an entire cheerleading squad in Rochester, N.Y., was suspended over an offensive Snapchat video that was posted on Twitter.

  • Youth Coach Claims He Was Fired for Lopsided Wins

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    An eighth-grade basketball coach at Fegely (Ind.) Middle School is alleging that he was fired for being just a tad too good, leading the way to lopsided wins, such as a 90-10 victory in his team’s home opener.

  • High School Wrestler Wins with Sportsmanship

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    A high school wrestler in Pennsylvania was the embodiment of sportsmanship when he allowed himself to be pinned last Thursday.

  • Penn State Coach Suspended for Pushing Player

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    Penn State men’s basketball coach Patrick Chambers wasn't courtside with his team Sunday night after he was suspended for a game for pushing a player during last Thursday’s game against Michigan.

  • Parents Cry Foul on Triplet Free Throw Swap

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    A close boys' basketball game is under review after video appears to show one team using triplets to its advantage.

  • Video: HS Football Player Vandalizing Locker Room

    by Jason Scott December 2018

    High school athletics can bring out a lot of emotion, particularly for seniors with a lot on the line. Not all of that emotion is positive, however, as a football player at Sutter Union (Calif.) High School demonstrated after his team was defeated Dec. 1 in the Northern Section Championship title game by West Valley High School.

  • UNM Player Apologizes for Pregame Punch

    by Geoff Grammer December 2018

    Whether or not he plays Tuesday night against Colorado remains uncertain. But University of New Mexico junior forward Corey Manigault on Sunday evening posted to social media an apology to Lobo fans, the New Mexico State Aggies, his teammates and family for throwing a punch during a pre-game altercation with the rival Aggies before last week's loss in Las Cruces. "I let my emotions get the best of me and acted impulsively and immaturely," read part of Manigault's apology, as posted on his Twitter account. "Violence should never be an emotional outlet."