• HS Basketball Brawl Requires Massive Police Response

    by Andy Berg February 2018

    An estimated 60 people were involved Tuesday night in a massive brawl at a high school basketball game between Clairton (Pa.) and Monessen high schools.

  • Colorado State’s Eustachy on Leave Amid Investigation

    by Andy Berg February 2018

    Colorado State men’s basketball coach Larry Eustachy has been put on administrative leave amid a conduct investigation.

  • High School Coach Suspended Over Offensive Photo

    by Andy Berg February 2018

    A girls’ high school soccer coach has been suspended after an obscene photo taken with his team was posted to social media.

  • HS Coach Throws in Towel, Citing Parent Interference

    by Courtney Cameron January 2018

    After seven years leading the team, Brainerd (Minn.) High School head boys' basketball coach Scott Stanfield has announced his intent to resign the post at the end of the current season due to excessive pressure from community parents over playing time.

  • Racist Boy’s Basketball Jerseys Draw NAACP’s Ire

    by Andy Berg January 2018

    A Cincinnati-area boy’s basketball team’s jerseys were so offensive they actually caught the attention of the NAACP.

  • Montana Girls’ Basketball Game Ends 102-0

    by Jason Scott December 2017

    There are blowouts and there are shutouts and there are blowout shutouts, and then there’s what happened to the girls’ basketball team at Brockton (Mont.) High School on Friday.

  • Athlete Ally's Hudson Taylor Discusses Athletic Equality Index

    by Paul Steinbach November 2017

    AB first spoke to Hudson Taylor in 2012, a year after the former collegiate wrestler had launched a nonprofit advocacy group for LGBT student-athletes called Athlete Ally. In the five years since, the group has gone from no staff members to eight (five full-time). There are now 32 Athlete Ally chapters on campuses across the country, and more than 150 professional athletes have signed on as organization ambassadors. The group has helped influence LGBT policies and practices within the NCAA and the IOC, and branched out to advocate for more women in FIFA governance and for the wearing of hijabs to be allowed in FIBA women's basketball competition. On Sept. 12, Athlete Ally released its first Athletic Equality Index, a scoring of LGBT polices within the 65 NCAA Division I athletic departments comprising the Power Five conferences. AB senior editor Paul Steinbach caught up with Taylor to talk progress.

  • Gun Violence Leads NY College to Shed ‘Shooter’ Mascot

    by Courtney Cameron November 2017

    In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting in October and other incidents of widely publicized gun violence around the country, Marist College athletic director Tim Murray has made the decision to rename the school’s traditional Red Fox mascot, who has worn the name “Shooter” since 1979.

  • TSU Player Expelled After Striking Coach on Sideline

    by Courtney Cameron November 2017

    Senior defensive end for Tennessee State Latrelle Lee was dismissed from the team Saturday after he struck head strength coach T.J. Greenstone, knocking him to the ground on the sidelines.

  • Football Teams, Fans Honor Shooting Victims

    by Courtney Cameron November 2017

    Football fans from Floresville (Texas) high school and San Antonio’s Southside dressed in white at Friday’s game, while both teams wore white jerseys in honor of victims of the shooting at Sutherland Springs Baptist Church, where community members were wounded and killed earlier in the week.