• Mixed Reviews for HS Football Ref Communication Tech

    by Brandon McAuliffe October 2017

    Wireless technology has only recently found its way to the high school officials on the football field in the Abilene chapter.

  • Oakland A's Test Near Field Communication Ticketing

    by Courtney Cameron October 2017

    On Monday, Major League Baseball announce the debut of a new near-field communication (NFC) ticketing solution that will enable fans to enter a stadium by tapping their phone or Apple Watch.

  • Comcast Gets in on eSports, Buys Pro 'Overwatch' Team

    by Bob Fernandez September 2017

    Could e-sports be the future of sports? Some powerful sports-media people think it could play a role.

  • More Colleges Plug Into eSports

    by The Boston Herald September 2017

    They’re on varsity teams. They train for hours between classes. Some get hefty scholarships. But instead of playing sports, they’re playing video games.

  • Sports in Virtual Reality Still a Way Off

    by Anick Jesdanun September 2017

    When watching sports in virtual reality, it’s best to remind yourself that TV wasn’t born in a day. Early television was mostly radio with pictures.

  • Survey: What Apps/Software Keep Your Facility Going?

    by AB Editors September 2017

    Athletics, fitness and recreation pros, AB wants to hear from you! 

    Which apps or software do you find essential to managing your facility or program? 

    Take our short survey for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of Athletic Business

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  • Fitness App Disables Screens, Motivates Physical Play

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    A new app and fitness band by PlayGoal monitors physical activity and manages electronic devices, with the goal of giving parents more control over their children’s fitness.

  • Red Sox Admit to Apple-Watch-Assisted Sign Stealing

    by Spokesman Review September 2017

    Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed on Tuesday a report that the Red Sox used an electronic device to steal signs from the Yankees at Fenway Park this season.

  • How AB Show Can Help You Stay Sharp and Get Ahead

    by Jason Scott September 2017

    Competition is fierce, whether your career in athletics, fitness or recreation takes you on the field or not. You need to stay sharp to stay ahead, and there's no better place to hone your gameplan than at AB Show 2017, Nov. 8-11, in Orlando, Fla. Wherever you are on your professional path, AB Show has something to offer. Here's a sneak peek at what to expect from this year's event:

  • Sponsored Video: SAFE Sports and Events Access Manager

    by AB Editors July 2017

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