• Meditation App Puts Clemson in Right Headspace

    by Grace Raynor November 2018

    Amari Rodgers' cellphone only had 7 percent battery power remaining, just enough juice to scroll through the pages of his home screen and locate his new favorite app. The one he's been using on a nightly basis for several weeks. Clemson's wide receiver and punt returner had been trying to verbalize just how Headspace, a worldwide application that guides users through self meditation, works to help calm him down before bedtime. But after a few minutes of trying to explain it, Rodgers decided a visual show and tell might be a little more enlightening. So he went straight to the source.

  • New Tech Adds to Baseball's Paranoid Culture

    by Noah Trister October 2018

    Stealing signs is as much a part of baseball tradition as stealing bases, but the technology available now could open a whole new frontier of competitive sleuthing.

  • Customer Records Exposed by Gym Service Data Breach

    by Courtney Cameron October 2018

    Customer records have been compromised in a recent data breach at Mindbody. The popular gym and wellness scheduling service’s recently acquired fitness tracking company FitMetrix inadvertently exposed more than 113 million user records because its servers were not password-protected.

  • Opinion: Mobile Ticketing Hurts Fan Experience

    by Greg Tranter October 2018

    Though it is good the Bills and the NFL are utilizing the latest technology, it is not without consequences that could be deemed significant. Mobile ticketing eliminates for fans the ability to keep and collect tickets from memorable games.

  • TeamSnap Saves Time Coaches Can't Afford to Lose (Sponsored)

    by AB Editors September 2018

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    TeamSnap is the easiest way to manage your team, sports organization, or tournament without all the headaches.  Make your life easier from registration to game time.

  • The Key To Comprehensive Facility Management Software? Customer Service (Sponsored)

    by EZFacility July 2018

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    For most businesses that employ a comprehensive facility management software solution, it’s impossible to imagine day-to-day operations without it. And these days, it’s almost impossible to imagine a wellness business that doesn’t use a software solution.

  • Incorporating Streaming Video in the Health Club

    by Jason Scott July 2018

    One might consider "streaming video" to be the rallying cry of couch potatoes, but the fact is, streaming video isn't just revolutionizing the entertainment world — it's shaking up the fitness industry, as well.

  • Fitness App Data Could Expose National Security Info

    by Jason Scott July 2018

    A popular fitness app has suspended a feature that maps user activity after a joint investigation by Dutch news websites De Correspondent and Bellingcat revealed an alarming amount of sensitive data on users.

  • New Products: Basketball Goal | Pool Grating | Exercise Experiences

    by Courtney Cameron June 2018

    Check out the newest products as seen in the June 2018 issue.

  • How Mobile Apps Engage Fans, Generate Revenue

    by Jason Scott May 2018

    We love our phones. We love our teams. And we love engaging with our teams on our phones. This is how sports fandom operates in 2018, with fans using mobile-connected devices and social media to declare and share their passion.