• Advantages of Pushing Club Operations Online

    by Rob Bishop December 2017

    When we first purchased Elevations Health Club, 22 years ago, members would sign in when they arrived at the club on a piece of lined notebook paper. Membership dues were collected at the front desk each month. Not exactly technology-dependent.

  • New Wearables, Apps May Warn of Heart Disease Risk

    by Mike Feibus December 2017

    A new generation of apps and wearables is emerging with the ability to monitor vital signs crucial to spotting heart problems, giving us and our doctors powerful new weapons to fight stroke and heart disease.

  • New App Allows Blind Fans to Follow Play-by-Play

    by Brendan Meyer November 2017

    Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith uses Aira technology for the blind and visually impaired to provide game day play-by-play announcing from the suite level for Pete Lane, seated in the stands below.

  • Sixers Employ Stats Gurus, Bring Analytics to the Court

    by Sarah Todd November 2017

    Sam Hinkie joined the 76ers in 2013, and The Process began. Through Hinkie's tenure, the team was lauded as on the forefront of the analytics movement in the NBA.

  • Opinion: Don't Rely on Apps for Weight Loss

    by Gary Bennett November 2017

    There are few things worse than being an obesity scientist at a holiday party. Once they learn my profession, most people skulk away, often hiding their food in the process. The brave few who remain often lean closer and quietly ask for the "secret" to weight loss -as if we scientists were a "DaVinci Code"-style cabal devoted to suppressing the true "secret" to dieting. Lately, however, I'm hearing different questions. Instead of asking about the best weight-loss program, my interrogators increasingly ask about the best app. My answer is often unsatisfying: Most apps don't work.

  • The Importance of Listening to Student-Athletes

    by Jason Scott November 2017

    Athletics administrators know that listening is an important skill. Hearing honest feedback from coaches, fans and boosters is one key to running a successful department.

  • Snapchat Lands Patent for Step Tracking

    by Andy Berg November 2017

    Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, may be looking to get into the fitness market.

  • Opinion: eSports Beginning to Change Opinions

    by Jack McConnaughay November 2017

    Despite the rapid growth of eSports in recent years, many people are either unaware of or confused by the concept of competitive gaming.

  • How AB Show Can Help You Stay Sharp and Get Ahead

    by Jason Scott October 2017

    Competition is fierce, whether your career in athletics, fitness or recreation takes you on the field or not. You need to stay sharp to stay ahead, and there's no better place to hone your gameplan than at AB Show 2017, Nov. 8-11, in Orlando, Fla. Wherever you are on your professional path, AB Show has something to offer. Here's a sneak peek at what to expect from this year's event:

  • Replay Tech Allowing HS Coaches to Adjust On the Fly

    by Marc Pendleton October 2017

    There's been a significant change in how high school football coaches adjust to an opponent. For many teams, gone are the days when a sharp-eyed assistant from a booth in the press box relays instructions...