Fumes coming from a public pool just outside of Montreal sent 22 people to the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

The episode occurred after chemicals were not properly dispersed into Varennes' wading pool around 2:15 p.m. Twenty children and two adults became ill due to the resulting fumes and were hospitalized for precautionary measures.

According to Montreal's CTV News, seven children were transported to the hospital by ambulance and the rest by bus. 

Thankfully, all the children have since recovered and show no signs of lasting illness, though some were still receiving oxygen treatment as late as Tuesday night.

Both the wading and 25-meter pools have been drained. The Varennes fire department has sent a list of chemicals used to the hospital.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only time this July that kids have fallen ill due to a community pool. Earlier this month, 31 children were exposed to dangerous chemicals at a YMCA Pool.