A concerned parent called the Greenwood, Ind., parks department after her son received a second-degree burn on Monday from walking on the blacktop of a splash pad at City Center Park.

The parent reported that the ground temperature was high enough to start blisters on her two-year-old son’s feet within seconds of him venturing out onto the rubberized surface.

A friend of the mother, who was identified as Kristen but did not give her last name, did interviews with local media discussing the incident.

"It was just split second,” she said. “He walked off and it happened.”

The incident was shared on Facebook, where it has already been shared more than 3,000 times.

"I have a lot of mom friends, and I just wanted them all to know — hey, if you take your kid here make sure they have shoes on before they even get out of the car, because those split-second things can happen, and that material is way too hot,” Kristen told RTV6.

RTV6 sent reporters to City Central part on Tuesday to measure the temperature of the pavement and the splash pad, taking readings of 116 and 162 degrees.

Greenwood Parks and Recreation director Rob Taggart said the city will be following up on the problem. “We take any matter on city property very serious, any incidents that happen, regardless of the magnitude,” he said.

For now, Taggart advises parents to make sure children are wearing shoes at the park as we head into summer.  

Courtney Cameron is Editorial Assistant of Athletic Business.