• A History of AB's Facility of Merit Awards

    by Andrew Cohen November 2004

    A history of AB's prestigious Facility of Merit awards

  • Air Apparent

    by Christopher Chivetta October 2004

    Temperature and relative-humidity data collected at natatoriums suggests that water in motion may impart a greater demand on HVAC systems than initially thought

  • Remote Control

    by Marvin Bynum August 2004

    Computerized automatic controllers serve as an aquatic center's onsite eyes, ears and, yes, brains, allowing facility operators to monitor mechanical systems from near and far

  • Annual Checkup

    by Paul Fawcett March 2004

    Like it or not, aquatic facilities require systematic and comprehensive yearly maintenance in order to retain their vitality

  • Pipe Dreams

    by Robert Mcdonald November 2003

    Though it does its work behind the scenes, a building's plumbing system takes center stage in the planning of locker and laundry rooms, natatoriums and a host of other ancillary areas

  • Pools Are Finding New Ways to Treat Water

    by Kenneth C. Ward October 2002

    Chlorine and bromine, effective sanitizers with some distinct disadvantages, are increasingly augmented with supplemental means of water treatment

  • Sound Barriers

    by Michael Popke August 2002

    Gymnasiums, natatoriums and lobbies can be notorious echo chambers, but panels, baffles, banners and blocks can help turn down the volume

  • Accidents Happen at Aquatic Facilities

    by Scot Hunsaker March 2002

    But How Do Aquatic Facility Operators Handle Them?

  • Aquatic Risk Management Must be Structured, Organized, Documented to Avoid Liability

    by Tom Griffiths December 2000

    It's mainly common sense, but aquatic risk management must be structured, organized and documented to avoid liability.

  • A New Style Of Pool

    by Robert J. Johnston & David W. Roach May 1999

    Improving on the leisure pool concept.