• The New Campus Natatorium

    by Joe Hunsaker October 1989

    This article originally appeared in the October 1989 issue of AB with the headline, “A New Splash at Colleges.”


    A new trend in aquatic recreation—the leisure pool—has been making its way into municipal and county indoor recreation complexes for a number of years, but now leisure pools also seem poised for entry into the college environment.

  • 1983 Facilities of Merit

    by AB Editors August 1983

    This article originally appeared in the August 1983 issue of AB.


    The 14 facilities listed below have been chosen as AP&F’s 1983 Facilities of Merit.

    As in past years, the basic selection criteria are not necessarily architectural achievement or aesthetics, but rather function—the ability to meet program needs, the value of a facility’s utilization.

    Each of these facilities represents a worthy achievement in fulfilling a given need or purpose. The difficulty in making the facility a reality must also be considered.

  • The Infectious Spirit of Hoosier Athletics

    by AB Editors September 1982

    This article originally appeared in the September 1982 issue of AB with the title, “Indianapolis’ Incredible Dream.”


    Indianapolis has become a major sports mecca.

    Spurred by the boundless energy and enthusiasm of local leaders, the city is generating tremendous excitement in the sports world. An air of electricity pervades the local citizenry, the result being an almost frenzied dedication to creating a sports Shangri-La.