• Audit Trail

    by Melinda Kempfer May 2006

    A pool evaluation can help operators of aging aquatic facilities determine whether a renovation - or a rebuild - is in order.

  • Fueling Change

    by Randy Mendioroz March 2006

    A number of design schemes and alternative-energy strategies can help operators beat the price of natural gas.

  • Clear Choices

    by Paul Steinbach October 2005

    A flood of equipment options - from high-tech robotics to time-tested manual tools - is available to keep commercial pools operating efficiently and looking their best.

  • Dream Weaving

    by Scot Hunsaker August 2005

    Condensing multiple visions into one is an involved yet necessary step in the process of planning outdoor aquatic facilities.

  • Variations on a Theme

    by Andrew Cohen May 2005

    Theming of aquatic facilities has trickled down from major water parks to municipal recreation centers and even high schools

  • Size Wise

    by Brad Mccord, Nancy Freedman & Randy Mendioroz March 2005

    Choosing whether to construct a 25-, 35- or 50-meter pool raises a host of design, planning, construction and operational issues.

  • Ready for Action

    by Marvin Bynum December 2004

    Today's aquatic safety personnel are better equipped and prepared than ever, thanks to enhanced technology and training.

  • A History of AB's Facility of Merit Awards

    by Andrew Cohen November 2004

    A history of AB's prestigious Facility of Merit awards

  • Air Apparent

    by Christopher Chivetta October 2004

    Temperature and relative-humidity data collected at natatoriums suggests that water in motion may impart a greater demand on HVAC systems than initially thought

  • Remote Control

    by Marvin Bynum August 2004

    Computerized automatic controllers serve as an aquatic center's onsite eyes, ears and, yes, brains, allowing facility operators to monitor mechanical systems from near and far