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Buyers Guide: SwimEx Inc.

SwimEx Inc.
390 Airport Road
Fall River, MA 02720

Phone: (508) 646-1600
Toll-free: (800) 877-7946
Fax: (508) 675-0525

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An industry leader in hydrotherapy pools and plunge pools, SwimEx is the chosen aquatic machine for professionals around the world. Built in the USA since 1986, SwimEx pools are highly efficient, easy to maintain and feature advanced water current systems with 99 speeds. Customize a pool to meet specific treatment objectives and space requirements. Change bench and stair configurations, add integrated treadmills, team logos, and deep wells. Plunge pools can be built up to 7’ deep and up to 46’ in length. SwimEx fiberglass hydrotherapy pools challenge the most competitive athlete yet are gentle enough in early rehabilitation for successful recovery outcomes. With unsurpassed customer service, SwimEx delivers superior hydrotherapy pools that are built to last. Find Out More

Categories listed in:

  • SwimEx Plunge Pools
    Available in four standard sizes, they feature bottom drains, have superior temperature retention, or come in sections for tight spaces. Custom design a specific pool. Vary the length (up to 46’), depth (up to 7’), or change stair, bench, entrance and exit configurations.
  • SwimEx 1000 T Hydrotherapy Pool
    For ultimate versatility, this pool features a powerful water current, deep well, optional integrated treadmills and zero entry lift with independent treatment zones for intense conditioning and effective rehabilitation.
  • SwimEx 1500 Pool Lift
    Installed within the 1000 T pool, it is a 5’x5’ zero-entry lift that doubles as a multi-depth workout station.
  • SwimEx 600 T Hydrotherapy Pool
    This powerful pool has 48” and 60” depths. It features eight performance zones: angled plyo pads, open/closed chain kinetic exercise benches, floor inserts and an aquatic running pad.
  • 800 T Hydrotherapy Pool
    This pool features a flat floor with a 66” depth or customize the depth from 42” to 54”. To create an even more versatile pool, add work stations.