Montana State University’s club hockey program qualified for the ACHA regional tournament for the first time, but because the event was to be held in Tempe, Ariz., the Bobcats weren’t sure they were going to make it.

As a club sport, MSU’s hockey team doesn’t receive funding from the athletic department. The team has reportedly never traveled by plane, and weather conditions would’ve made the bus trip from Bozeman, Mont., to Tempe difficult. It seemed that the team was going to miss out on the tournament, until, as ABC FOX Montana reports, an airline swooped in to save the day.

Allegiant Airlines donated 28 seats to help the team get to the tournament earlier this week, providing free airfare and bags.

The tournament will continue this weekend, but the Bobcats won their first game, defeating Cal State Northridge 4-2 on Thursday.

Jason Scott is Online Managing Editor of Athletic Business.