• NCAA Reverses Course on ‘Rich Paul Rule’

    by Jason Scott August 2019

    The NCAA last week instituted new rules for agents representing college players considering a leap to the pros — but after a wave of criticism, including words by one of the highest profile athletes in the world, the governing body has amended those rules.

  • Judge Denies KU's Motion to Dismiss Ex-Coach's Suit

    by Jason Scott August 2019

    The University of Kansas is entering this football season with a new coach leading the team, but former coach David Beaty still has unfinished business — and he’s taking KU to court.

  • Facility Friday: Mississippi State Locker Room, Memphis Tennis Center and More

    by Jason Scott August 2019

    Mississippi State unveiled its Leo Seal Jr. Football Complex locker room to the team late last week. With 121 state-of-the-art lockers, the facility also incorporates modernization upgrades like new carpet, wall graphics and lighting. A new player lounge has arcade games and a barber shop space. —

  • Utah Basketball Hit with NCAA Penalties

    by Jason Scott August 2019

    The University of Utah men’s basketball program was hit with penalties stemming from a series of recruiting violations, according to a release by the NCAA.

  • Report: Inflated Rowing Rosters Boost Football Schools

    by Jason Scott August 2019

    An analysis of college athletic participation by the Omaha World-Herald seems to indicate that many big-time college football programs are sporting inflated women’s rowing rosters to help them maintain compliance with Title IX. 

  • Travel Ban Turns California Teams to Private Dollars

    by Jason Scott August 2019

    It’s been three years since California passed a law barring state-funded travel to a set of states with what the states view as discriminatory laws against LGBTQ people on the books — but in that time college sports teams have found ways to fund their trips to play opponents in those states.

  • Navy Football Drops Motto Amid Rash of Gun Violence

    by Paul Steinbach August 2019

    The Naval Academy Midshipmen will not take the football field this season under the motto selected by senior members of the team.

  • LSU Coach Wade Calls for Basketball Facility Upgrades

    by Paul Steinbach July 2019

    Another day, another opinion about the state facilities at Louisiana State University.

  • Report: LSU Athletics to Sever Aid to Academics

    by Paul Steinbach July 2019

    Less than a week after Louisiana State University officially unveiled its new $28 million football operations and nutrition center, first-year athletic director Scott Woodward said the policy of LSU athletics giving $10 million annually to the school will end on his watch.

  • Could 9 a.m. Kickoffs Be Coming to Pac-12 Football?

    by Paul Steinbach July 2019

    Pac-12 Conference officials confirmed they have had preliminary discussions with Fox about having a Pac-12 game kickoff at 9 a.m. PT/noon ET as soon as this season in order to help alleviate night kickoffs and explore a new TV window to maximize exposure on the East Coast.