• Dance Fever

    by Paul Steinbach June 2005

    A heated exchange at San Jose State sparks debate over appropriate in-game entertainment.

  • Historical Significance

    by Paul Steinbach November 2004

    Today's campus athletic museums offer dynamic looks at a program's past, often with an eye toward selling the future

  • The Unreal World

    by Paul Steinbach September 2004

    The University of Cincinnati gives new meaning to the term "campus recreation center"

  • Non-Conference Football Scheduling Getting Difficult

    by Paul Steinbach September 2004

  • Historically Black Institutions Securing Sponsors

    by Marvin Bynum September 2004

    After enduring decades in relative obscurity, athletic programs at historically black colleges and universities are securing their place at the sponsorship table

  • Educators Question Effectiveness of NCAA Academic Reforms

    by Paul Steinbach July 2004

    An NCAA reforms package that aims to punish schools for poor student-athlete graduation rates gets an incomplete from some faculty groups

  • Job Opportunities in Campus Rec Attract Widespread Interest

    by Paul Steinbach April 2003

    Amid a sluggish economy and competition from the municipal sector, career opportunities in campus recreation are attracting widespread interest

  • Centers of Attention

    by Roy V. Viklund & David L. Damon November 2002

    Combining collegiate facilities for student life and recreation may be the wave of the future

  • Athletic Depts. Deal with Threat of Resume Inaccuracies

    by Paul Steinbach April 2002

    A headline in the January issue of Blue & Gold Illustrated, an independent newspaper devoted to University of Notre Dame football, read "Fans Will Be Leery of O'Leary." By the time that issue reached subscribers, however, George O'Leary was no longer the team's new head coach - his UND career having lasted two fewer days than the weeklong search the school had just conducted to fill its coaching vacancy.

  • New Indoor Facility Hybrids Cater to Needs of Many Activities

    by Michael Popke May 2001

    New Indoor Facility Hybrids Cater to the Needs of Many Activities