From professional to collegiate sports, injuries continue to sideline some of the world’s top athletes. Many teams across the globe have begun implementing the use of wearable technology to track their athletes’ health data in real time to not only improve their game, but prevent potentially devastating injuries as well.

This tech, such as the devices provided by Australian leader Catapult Sports, can detect whether a player is leaning a certain way when they cut, jump or land, or whether they are favoring one side over the other. Using this data, a coach is provided with possible early indicators of injury, muscular imbalance or movement dysfunction that can be addressed proactively with training and therapy.

During the 2012-13 season, the Raptors were among the most injured teams in the NBA in terms of games lost. After adopting the Catapult technology, they were among the NBA’s least-injured teams in 2013-14.

To learn more about how wearable technology is being implemented in athletics and the many advantages being reaped, check out this infographic created by Ohio University’s Online Master’s in Coaching Education program.