• Controversy Swirls Over Batting Helmet Attachment

    by Erik Brady July 2018

    Mike Trout wears a C-flap. Bryce Harper does, too. They're among 10 players in Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game who wear attachments to their batting helmets that are designed to protect a batter's cheek and jaw. But your Little Leaguer likely can't wear one, and the reason is a whole other kind of flap.

  • CTE Revelation Deals Blow to Helmet Maker

    by Josh Kosman June 2018

    Faced with possible crippling damages from looming lawsuits filed by former NFL players — who claim Riddell knew about the risk of CTE from concussions but kept the info from them — the owner, private equity firm Fenway Partners has not been able to find a buyer after attempting to off-load the company for years.

  • Privately Funded Scoreboard Pitched for HS Stadium

    by Bob Susnjara June 2018

    Members of Barrington Area Unit District 220's advisory facilities committee this week said they liked the idea of a Daktronics 373-square-foot, high-definition screen for game video and information, and a basic score and time display at the top along with four side panels for advertising.

  • VR Offers NBA Fans a New Perspective

    by Jeff Zillgitt May 2018

    When NBA analyst Stephanie Ready's television colleagues ask her about calling a game in virtual reality, they often picture her wearing virtual reality goggles. But, no, that's not the way it works for Ready and play-by-play commentator Spero Dedes, who are announcing Western Conference finals games between Houston and Golden State in virtual reality for Turner Sports in partnership with the NBA and Intel.

  • City Officials Discuss Synthetic Turf Safety

    by The Union Leader May 2018

    Dover, N.H., city officials hosted a public forum Tuesday evening to learn more about switching from grass to artificial turf at the high school's football field, and some members of the public expressed concern about the safety of synthetic products.

  • Protective Masks Gain Prominence on Softball Field

    by Dave Kane May 2018

    When Williamsville High School senior softball pitcher Payton Long was struck in the shoulder by a batted ball in a game against Taylorville this spring, she admittedly was “a little shocked.

  • Virginia Tech Lab to Rate Soccer Headgear

    by Robby Korth May 2018

    More than half of soccer players suffer some concussion symptoms annually. Virginia Tech researchers are working to reduce that number by rating the head injury-prevention effectiveness of headbands and caps available on the market for soccer players.

  • How Accurate Are Wearables?

    by Angie Ferguson May 2018

    Wearable technology is commonplace now, with everything from activity trackers and smartwatches to sports watches that are GPS-enabled. However, despite their popularity, it is now widely accepted that they still largely lack the ability to provide accurate training data.

  • New Product Roundup: Fitness Equipment | Lifeguard Chair | Laundry

    by AB Staff April 2018

    Check out the newest products as seen in the April 2018 issue.

  • Treadmill Purchasing Guide: Six Things To Know Before You Buy

    by AB Staff February 2018

    When shopping for treadmills, you'll need to decide whether you want to spend a little more to offer your customers a unit with high-end touchscreens and Bluetooth connectivity, or a cost-effective, durable, barebones machine that will simply keep your members moving. Here's a quick rundown of what to look for as you navigate the treadmill market.