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New Product Roundup

Ooq 917 Ab Sports Tutor

Sports Tutor
The Volleyball Tutor Silver and Silver Pro allow for ball trajectory variation on any desired set or pass, and can deliver serves up to 60 mph for the Silver and 80 mph for the Silver Pro. Both models have a release point of 5.5 feet to mimic the timing of a human setter as well as the downward angle of dig drills. Simple dial controls allow for quick speed adjustments and add topspin or underspin to serves. Non-marking caster wheels make the Volleyball Tutor Silver and Silver Pro models easy to move into position on the court.
(800) 448-8867




Ooa 917 Ab Flir

The FLIR Griffin G510 Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) enables responders to sample all phases of matter to identify chemical hazards in the field. Versatile and portable, the Griffin G510 represents a new generation of GC/MS capability, with integrated sample inlets that simplify on-scene analysis and a technology core that delivers lab-caliber answers. The Griffin G510 comes equipped with an integrated heated sample probe and long-lasting, onboard, rechargeable batteries. Featuring a nine-inch touchscreen, the Griffin G510 can be operated while wearing full personal protective equipment. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the Griffin G510 is IP65-rated, dust-tight and spray-resistant.
(877) 692-2120

Oor 517 Ab2 Mateflex

PlankFlex by Matéflex, America's original modular flooring company, can help facility operators create an original design statement. PlankFlex has a unique construction that allows for airflow and keeps dampness away from the surface. Each PlankFlex unit is based on a modular tile design that snaps together for easy installation. Ideal for basketball and volleyball courts, as well as aerobic and exercise flooring in schools, health clubs and community buildings, PlankFlex is available in five colors and carries a 15-year warranty.
(800) 926-3539

Ood 917 Ab2 Kenall

To combat the risk of infection from bacteria in locker rooms and restrooms and on equipment, Kenall has incorporated Indigo-Clean disinfecting technology into two of its best-selling, sealed LED light fixtures: the Millenium™ Stretch MLHA and the SimpleSeal™ HASEDI. Kenall's lights combine standard white light with safe 405-nanometer Indigo light to penetrate harmful bacteria, including Staph such as MRSA. It targets naturally occurring molecules in the bacteria to produce intracellular Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Similar to bleach, ROS create an oxidative environment that kills bacteria, disinfecting the area as long as the light is on.
(800) 453-6255

Oor 917 Ab Sportsbrand

Mirror Innovations' new patent-pending product, REFLEX, is a thin graphics film indistinguishable from a conventional mirror surface. The surface of REFLEX can be printed on and applied to any glass or glass-alternative flat surface. REFLEX is a tremendous revenue generator and sponsorship asset, with the ability to be installed and removed for an individual game, event or promotion — free of charge — by Mirror Innovations' national network of installers.
(516) 705-4366





Oou 917 Ab Sorenso

Seresco USA Inc.
Seresco introduces the multifaceted R3 Expansion Module, plus a compact furnace add-on option for the NE Series of indoor pool dehumidifiers. The R3 is a plug-and-play, 18-inch module configured to match the newly reduced cabinet footprint of the NE Series. The R3 features three key goals of natatorium sustainability: Reduce the equipment size and footprint; Reuse exhaust and energy to increase efficiency; and Recycle energy by recovering it. The R3 components offer additional cost-cutting efficacies for space and water heating and heat rejection, beyond the already industry-leading performance of the NE Series. The R3 can be factory-installed or shipped separately.
(770) 457-3392

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