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Wibit inflatable play products from Recreonics [Image courtesy Recreonics].
Wibit inflatable play products from Recreonics [Image courtesy Recreonics].

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Coming up with fresh programming ideas for all of your swimming pool patrons throughout the long swim season can be challenging for even the best aquatic professionals. Wibit Sports helps commercial pool operators solve this challenge with their complete line of inflatable play products, now expanded to include a new line of kids inflatables especially for young fun seekers 4 years and older, between 39” and 59” in height. 

There’s nothing more gratifying than making people happy, and the new line of kids inflatables will create a lot more of happy faces. These new kids products for commercial pools can be placed in shallow water and feature easy obstacles that young children can conquer, building self-confidence and problem-solving skills while having fun. And, like all Wibit inflatable combinations and modules, these new kids units are easy to install and handle.

Three New Kids Standard Combinations:

Wibit KidsCourse

A diverse inflatable obstacle course and perfect for larger swimming pools and your best choice to entertain a high number, up to 25, of young kids at the same time. The more kids, the more fun — right?

Wibit KidsTrack

The ultimate kids track for standard commercial swimming pools with several challenging inflatable modules connected together for a fun obstacle run.

Wibit KidsRun 

Wibit’s KidsRun brings big fun to small pools!

New kids inflatables, like all Wibit inflatables, are developed according to stringent German TÜV safety standards and include the KidsScale and pool booms to assure kids are in a safe play space.

With Wibit, aquatic facility owners and operators can transform any pool – regardless of size and depth - into a water adventure, sure to increase visitor numbers and revenue at your facility.

Modular inflatables can be connected in any combination for multiple ways to play and have fun. The highly customizable nature of Wibit play products allows for engaging and endless exercise and play possibilities. Wibit´s aquatic playgrounds can be found at commercial swimming pools across the US, and worldwide. Take a look at how other swimming pool operators and aquatic professionals have used Wibit modular and standalone products to enhance programming and revenues at their facilities.

Wibit continues to offer several standard combinations for older children and adults. These combinations feature three to six individual modular inflatable products that are connected and can be rearranged for endless routes of fun. All standard combinations come complete with an Accessory Kit – bungees or pool booms, Transport Bags, Product Manuals, and a fully equipped Repair Tool Box.

Wibit modular inflatable play products can also be purchased individually and combined in any way, and rearranged with ease to create a new obstacle course for each day. Several new modular units have also been introduced this year, among them are the Twist and the Peak.

  • The Twist offers different levels of difficulty when trying to cross over. Unable to complete level two? No problem, the integrated steps make it easy to climb up again.

  • The new Wibit Peak offers two levels of difficulty, start easily by taking the back side or climb up to conquer the front side.

Wibit also introduced its new Step Up System (SUS) so guests can experience an easier and quicker way of getting out of the water and on the inflatable combination for more play time. The Step Up System is an evolution in inflatable accessibility and is cost-effective for pool operators in combining an active modular unit with the SUS. SUS creates multiple points of entry onto the combination for more active play.

Wibit has several modular connector inflatables for floating, resting, and traveling between obstacles. The Junction, Y-Connect, and T-Connect inflatables create flat resting surfaces between obstacles for safe and easy play. Wibit also features several flat turns and sidewalks inflatables to provide safe connections and exit points from the obstacle courses. In all, there are over 40 Wibit Modular Inflatable Play products.

In addition to modular products, Wibit offers fun inflatable play equipment that doesn’t need to be connected to other inflatables. These standalone inflatable products provide fun attractions for pools of limited size and water depth. They have quick set-up times and easy storage, making them great for parties and smaller venues.

A popular Wibit standalone product is the Rodeo Splash, which provides for the ultimate cooling-down and sliding experience. The Wiggle Bridge 3 and Wiggle Bridge 6 play combinations are also available as standalone inflatables, and you can add additional groups of three WiggleDiscs for more fun. Wibit offers two sports-oriented standalone products, the Polo Goal and floating Volleyball court. Perfect for pool parties and after-school activities, these inflatable products provide fun and engaging exercise. Wibit inflatables provide great social interaction and active recreation. As your pool gears up for the busy summer season, consider adding these products to your programming mix and watch your attendance numbers soar.

While fun is important, nothing is more important than patron safety. All Wibit products comply with the newest safety standards recognized worldwide. Wibit inflatable play products have a calculated minimum water depth, reinforced welded seams, and pressure release valve for maximum stability and safety. They are also designed to minimize entrapment hazards, and come with safety information printed on the product as well as a detailed manual and safety guide. Wibit pool booms ensure a safe horizontal anchoring of inflatables units, especially convenient for high products. The pool boom's thick foam protects against sliding or jumping.

Learn more: commercial pool inflatables, or call 800-428-3254.

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