While some health clubs still insist on serving less-than-healthy snacks, select locations of the high-end David Barton Gym host cocktail parties. According to New York Times blogger Kayleen Schaefer, the post-group exercise events are sponsored by the Swedish vodka brand Svedka and tie in with that brand's "RU Bot Or Not?" ad campaign that features a sexy female robot.

After intense boot camp training classes, customers are invited to partake in cocktails made with clementine-flavored vodka, orange juice, sour mix and fresh mint. "It's a little weird to serve bourbon or Scotch," club founder Barton told Schaefer about why he chose vodka. "Tequila might seem out of control. Vodka seems like the right complement to the gym. … It's better to work out and drink than to not work out and drink. Our members have intense lives, and some people party and that's all the more need to work out. I'm not pushing alcohol, but I'm not a prohibitionist."

David Barton Gyms have locations in New York, Chicago, Miami and Seattle.