• Opinion: US Soccer Needs New Development Model

    by Michael Arace October 2017

    The sole purpose of the AFC Ajax Youth Academy is to turn Dutch children into elite footballers. There are other such facilities dotting Europe, Asia and Central and South America...

  • Atlanta Fitness Group Joins International Movement

    by Nedra Rhone October 2017

    For 29 weeks, Fitlanta leaders rallied more than 70 locals to rise each Wednesday and Friday at 6:27 a.m. for a morning workout.

  • Fires Keep Exercisers Indoors, Fit Classes Raise Support

    by Courtney Cameron October 2017

    The Virgin Sport Festival of Fitness announced Thursday that it will cancel this year’s events — including the Twin Peaks Mile and the SF Bay Half Marathon — scheduled for October 14 and 15 in San Francisco due to poor air quality, widespread public health concerns and resource re-allocation as a result of wildfires in the area.

  • Health System, Schools Re-Up Athletic Trainers Deal

    by Justin Mattingly October 2017

    Bon Secours will provide athletic trainers for Richmond Public Schools through the end of the school year after the two sides agreed to continue their previously terminated agreement...

  • Strength Training Important for Women's Health

    by Chicago Daily Herald October 2017

    Although women may store fat differently and have less muscle mass than men, it's still important that women include weight resistance training in their exercise routines.

  • Does Coaching Raise Heart Attack Risk?

    by Abe Hardesty October 2017

    "When we traditionally think of risk factors, we're looking at things like age, weight, diabetes, smoking, and family history," Anderson cardiologist Brett Stoll said, "but there are other factors, and stress level is an obvious one."

  • High-Intensity Training Poses Rhabdo Risk

    by Steve Dorfman September 2017

    To be sure, plenty of athletes and fitness enthusiasts follow a hard-core credo — especially when doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT). But pushing oneself too hard can have dire consequences — even if you're in excellent shape.

  • The Key to Longevity — Lengthen Your Telomeres with SPRINT 8 (Sponsored)

    by Phil Campbell September 2017

    All exercise is beneficial for the body, but not all exercise is created equal. For years, facilities across the country have offered a plethora of high-intensity interval training programs, but an exclusive option from Matrix Fitness goes beyond HIIT.

  • How Group Training Brings Variety, Challenge to Fitness

    by Paul Steinbach September 2017

    Pulsating beats and elevated heart rates. A full array of step platforms or stationary bikes. An instructor working as hard — or harder — than anyone in the room while exhaling instruction into a microphone headset.

  • Battle Ropes Make Comeback in Fitness Facilities

    by Debbie Juniewicz September 2017

    This old-school fitness gear — a 30-to-50-foot rope about 1.5 inches thick — is gaining popularity with a new generation of fitness enthusiasts. Battle ropes are becoming commonplace in community recreation centers.