• Madison Gyms Band Together for Charity Fitness Week

    by Andy Berg September 2018

    A number of gyms in Madison, Wis., are coming together to raise money for the United Way by opening their facilities to the public in exchange for a donation.

  • Study: Saunas Offer Health Benefits

    by Amby Burfoot September 2018

    New research indicates that regular saunas could be as healthful as regular exercise.

  • Global Health Report: 1.4B Not Exercising Enough

    by Laura Kelly September 2018

    An estimated 1.4 billion people globally don't exercise enough, increasing their risk for a number of diseases including diabetes, heart attack, stroke and some cancers, according to a global report published Tuesday.

  • Gym Class Experiences May Influence Future Behavior

    by Ed Flaherty September 2018

    Negative childhood experiences in physical education (PE) classes may have long-term effects on adult physical activity, a large study suggests.

  • Weighing the Benefits of Fitness Trackers

    by Shanthi Appelo September 2018

    Gold standard randomized controlled trials have not found that fitness trackers improve health. Let's delve into the accuracy and effectiveness of several health technologies.

  • Why Gyms Are Offering Strength Training in a Group Setting

    by Andy Berg September 2018

    Free weight areas in most gyms have historically been loner zones. Beyond the occasional request for a spotter or instruction being delivered during a private coaching session, the primary soundtrack at the lifting platform and dumbbell station has been the clank of iron and the occasional grunt. However, with the advent of CrossFit and other such functional training regimens, strength training is suddenly in the spotlight, and an increasing number of people are learning to use free weights the right way within the context of a group exercise setting.

  • Product Spotlight 2018: Weight Rooms | Strength Equipment

    by AB Staff September 2018

    Check out these products as seen in the October 2018 issue.

  • An Update on the Passage of the PHIT Act

    by Andy Berg September 2018

    We've all heard about the dangers of inactivity. Turning to screens — smartphones, TVs, video games, tablets — during our free time only compounds the problem. According to PHIT America, kids in the United States as a group are ranked 47th among their cohorts in 50 developed countries in terms of fitness, and only 7 percent of U.S. kids meet standards for activity set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In short, our kids — all of us, in fact — need to get off our butts and move our bodies.

  • Designated Spaces Bring Fitness Programming Outdoors

    by Courtney Cameron August 2018

    There's an age-old question that is almost as common in a learning environment as "When are we ever going to use this?" It goes, "Can we have class outside?" At the University of Oregon, that answer is yes — at least, if the class in question is part of any one of the school's group exercise programs or its for-credit Introduction to CrossFit physical education class.

  • NFL Players Benefit from Yoga Practice

    by The Salt Lake Tribune August 2018

    Without stretching, New York Giants offensive lineman Chad Wheeler folds his 6-foot-7, 317-pound frame over far enough to place his palms flat on the ground. His knees are straight but not fully locked, because that’s poor form, and he can comfortably hold himself there — he’s that flexible.