• Federal Government Releases New Fitness Guidelines

    by Jayne O'Donnell November 2018

    Less than a third of Americans, and only one in five teenagers, meet new physical fitness guidelines issued by the federal government Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services said.

  • Boutique Brand Xponential Fitness Acquires Pure Barre

    by Kim Mikus November 2018

    Xponential Fitness, the parent of CycleBar and other brands, has acquired Pure Barre, a low-impact, intense total-body workout company.

  • Yoga Growing in Popularity Among Youths Nationwide

    by Marie McCullough November 2018

    The popularity of yoga is booming in the United States — among children. More than 8 percent of youngsters ages 4 to 17 — or 4.9 million — practiced yoga last year, up from about 3 percent in 2012, according to federal survey data published Thursday.

  • Daylight Savings Has a Negative Effect on Health, Fitness

    by Melissa Malamut November 2018

    Still feel groggy after setting your clock back last weekend? You're not alone. Experts say that the end of daylight saving time can wreak strange havoc on our bodies and minds for days after the fact.

  • YouTube Celebrity Turns Fitness Studio Co-Owner

    by Cassie McHugh October 2018

    Tori DiSimone boasts more than 475,000 YouTube subscribers and, at the height of her internet fame, she signed brand deals that netted her up to $37,000. She left it all behind to become co-owner of Stride Spin & Fitness, a Phoenixville fitness studio.

  • Product Spotlight 2018: Weight Rooms and Strength Equipment

    by AB Staff October 2018

    Check out these products as seen in the October 2018 issue.

    Abacus Sports Installations
    Abacus specializes in the installation of inlaid platform weight room flooring. The innovative technique of sinking platforms into high-density rubber flooring creates a firm yet resilient surface that cushions joints and absorbs the impact of heavy weights, while protecting floors and equipment. Abacus has installed inlaid platform flooring in public and private facilities, both indoors and outdoors. Rubber flooring can be loose-laid or fully adhered, depending on the facility's needs. Inlaid platform rubber flooring is easy to clean and can be customized with different thicknesses and embedded logos.
    (800) 821-4557

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    Matrix Fitness
    The powerful and comfortable Ultra Series presents advanced functionality with an intuitive design that makes operating easy. All Ultra Series equipment is designed for smooth converging and diverging movements to encourage a natural path of motion and enhanced user comfort. To take strength training to another level, users can add the intelligent training console. Members will get a guided training experience, and owners will be able to take advantage of some of the most powerful technology from the Matrix Fitness suite of connected solutions.
    (866) 693-4863

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    duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles dramatically reduce the structure-borne transmission of sound from free-falling weights in any fitness facility. Performance-engineered for a better acoustic experience for both customers and neighboring businesses, duraSOUND tiles control vibrations, minimize low-frequency impact noise and reduce the transmission of audible structure-borne sound by up to 38 decibels.
    (800) 263-2363

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    The PureStrength Linear Leg Press by Technogym was built using the highest standards in biomechanics, ergonomics, durability and safety from the experience of seven Olympic Games, 20 million everyday users in 10,000 facilities, and 20 billion workouts. The machine's pads are made from special high-density foam that adapts to the shape of the body, providing maximum comfort and a beneficial stabilizing effect. The backrest can be adjusted to four different positions, allowing each user to find the most suitable and comfortable position for performing the exercise.
    (800) 804-0952

    Torque Fitness
    The next evolution of the TANK All Surface Sled is here. The TANK M4 by Torque Fitness comes with a double breaking system, which means the TANK does not require added weight, making group training and maneuvering seamless and efficient. The M4 comes standard with Torque's ergonomic performance handles, an accessory tray for easy storage on the go, upgraded graphics and optional weight horns for serious performance training by athletes who wish to use the TANK for intense towing exercises.
    (763) 754-7533

    These products originally appeared in the October 2018 issue of Athletic Business, a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

  • Coaching, App Helps Low-Income Obese Patients

    by Treva Lind October 2018

    Using a free phone app, low-income obese patients achieved clinically meaningful weight loss when paired with coaching from primary care providers.

  • Utilizing Assessments as a Tool for Member Retention

    by Makeba Edwards, MS Kinesiology, CPT, Health Coach October 2018

    What is it that keeps fitness club members coming back?

  • Why Gyms Are Offering Strength Training in a Group Setting

    by Andy Berg October 2018

    Free weight areas in most gyms have historically been loner zones. Beyond the occasional request for a spotter or instruction being delivered during a private coaching session, the primary soundtrack at the lifting platform and dumbbell station has been the clank of iron and the occasional grunt. However, with the advent of CrossFit and other such functional training regimens, strength training is suddenly in the spotlight, and an increasing number of people are learning to use free weights the right way within the context of a group exercise setting.

  • Fitness Pros on Front Lines of Obesity Fight

    by Rob Bishop October 2018

    I recently read an article analyzing the obesity epidemic from the perspective of several overweight individuals who agreed to share their painful experiences.