• Incorporating Streaming Video in the Health Club

    by Jason Scott July 2018

    One might consider "streaming video" to be the rallying cry of couch potatoes, but the fact is, streaming video isn't just revolutionizing the entertainment world — it's shaking up the fitness industry, as well.

  • Could Cool-Temperature Fitness Classes Catch On?

    by Paul Steinbach July 2018

    Hot yoga? Take a powder. High-altitude training? Take a hike. Make way for cool-temperature training, the newest fitness innovation to hit New York City with potential to crystalize across the country.

  • Report: 75 Percent of Americans Aren't Exercising Enough

    by Laura Kelly June 2018

    Only one in four U.S. adults meet federal recommended guidelines for physical fitness, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Planet Fitness Locations Offer Teens Summer Access

    by Michael Cousineau June 2018

    Planet Fitness is offering New Hampshire teens free admission this summer to get in shape.

  • ACSM Unveils Top Fitness Trends

    by Janet Charlesworth June 2018

    The American College of Sports Medicine checked in with more than 4,000 fitness professionals around the world and asked them to look beyond marketing and discern exercise trends from fads.

  • Working in Fitness: Reflections on the Journey

    by Sarah Kosch June 2018

    Some of their paths have taken surprising turns. Some work in the gym, others are administrators or consultants. Some teach transferable skills to student employees and some are at the front of the room, directing participants to leave their stress at the door and spend an hour thinking only about their bodies and the way they can move.

  • Student Athletic Trainers Get Up-Close Experience

    by PJ Brown June 2018

    Shea Oliver arrived at Hillenbrand Stadium four hours before the Arizona Wildcats' final home softball game of the season. There was plenty of work to do.

  • Report: Race, Gender, Income Impact Activity Levels

    by Laura Kelly June 2018

    Physical activity among young adults decreases sharply after adolescence. A study conducted by researchers at Duke University and published Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association examined how income disparities influence time spent on physical activity.

  • Program Targets Fitness Levels Among Police Officers

    by Marangeli Lopez June 2018

    Annually, thousands of law enforcement officers are injured, even die, in the line of duty. A growing number are traced to fitness shortcomings or the high-stress environment of the job.

  • How PHIT America Is Helping Solve the Inactivity Pandemic

    by Jim Baugh June 2018

    Right now, the U.S. suffers from an inactivity epidemic. The state of physical activity in America continues spiraling downward. A recent study by the Physical Activity Council stated that 82.4 million Americans are physically inactive. Not surprisingly, sports participation patterns — specifically among children — continue to decline. PHIT America, a national cause focused on reversing America's inactivity epidemic, intends to reverse this troublesome negative trend before its impact is even greater on the economy, health care costs and military readiness.