• Member's Back Injury Will Go Before Another Court

    by Carla Varriale January 2013

    Dianne Layden, a registered nurse, had been a member of No Limits Fitness for nine months when she hired Angela Plante to provide personal training services. Plante, a certified personal trainer at the club, designed an exercise program in March 2007, and Layden performed the exercise program on her own for three months. At that point, having grown "tired of doing the same exercises," Layden asked Plante to teach her a new program, advising the trainer that she had a history of back problems and a herniated disc. Plante instructed Layden during a single training session, during which Layden did not experience any discomfort, but she experienced mild back pain shortly afterwards and for the next day. In spite of that, Layden returned to the club two days later and repeated the program without supervision. She later acknowledged that her discomfort was apparent from the first squat, performed on a Smith machine, but she continued to do 14 more.

  • Blog: Spring Training Is Not Just for Baseball Anymore

    by Mary Helen Sprecher January 2013

    February is kind of a black hole, fitness-wise. Here in Maryland, at least, people tend to stay inside and hibernate, and not work out. February is when New Year's resolutions run out of gas and motivation starts to wear thin. Add in the fact that the stores are marketing Valentine's candy like crazy, and you pretty much have all the ingredients for a seasonal flatline at your facility. Unless, of course, you find a way to hook people's interest.

  • Making Exercise a Medical Issue

    by Emily Attwood January 2013

    Doctors are where the sick go to get medicine; gyms are where the healthy go to get exercise. At least that's how it used to work. Doctors and insurance companies are leading a growing movement to ask about exercise during medical appointments and prescribe exercise in place of medicine, where appropriate.

  • Parkour Is Finding a Foothold in United States

    by Emily Attwood December 2012

    Less than two minutes into the opening scene of 2006's "Casino Royale," James Bond is chasing a bad guy through a construction site in Madagascar, racing across beams high above the ground, climbing steel cables and leaping from cranes.

  • Stanford Prof Talks Sleep Deprivation Among Athletes

    by Paul Steinbach December 2012

    William Dement wakes up students who doze in his class (there's at least one every day) by targeting them with a squirt gun, often after classmates in a lecture hall of 300 have pointed the person out.

  • Blog: Who Will Govern Obstacle Racing? Anybody?

    by Mary Helen Sprecher December 2012

    Here's a question for enthusiasts of sports and fitness minutiae (I know you exist): When has a sport grown to the point that it requires a national governing body?

  • Blog: Self-Directed Workouts: A Fad, or the Future?

    by Mary Helen Sprecher November 2012

    Recently, two things popped up on my radar, and at first glance, they didn't appear to have anything in common. Now that I've thought about it, though, I'm thinking this might be a trend. See if you agree.

  • 2012 Excellence in Youth Sports Award Winner: MCCS Camp Lejeune (N.C.) Youth Sports

    by NAYS Staff November 2012

    At MCCS Camp Lejeune Youth Sports in North Carolina, ongoing efforts toward excellence wouldn't be possible without the tireless efforts of volunteers and staff. Their program philosophy centers on community - appropriate, since their community is so unique.

  • 2012 Excellence in Youth Sports Award Winner: Joint-Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst (N.J.) Youth Sports & Fitness Program

    by NAYS Staff November 2012

    As part of the only tri-service joint base in the United States serving families from the Air Force, Navy and Army, the Joint-Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst Youth Sports & Fitness Program in New Jersey is in a unique situation to take the best aspects of each branch's offerings to create one outstanding youth sports program.

  • Blog: Increasingly, There's No 'They' in Team

    by Mary Helen Sprecher October 2012

    We've all seen our share of opportunities for adults to get fit in unusual ways. There's obstacle racing, having people throw paint on you while you run a 5K, and boot camps of all sorts.