• NJ HS Football Playoff Proposal Includes Bowl Games

    by Phil Anastasia September 2017

    "Bowl games" that will bring New Jersey one step shy of state championships for public-school football are among the highlights of a new proposal to change the format of the sport, starting in the 2018 season.

  • New Jersey Mulls Instant Replay for Prep Football

    by Andy Berg September 2017

    New Jersey wants to get the call right.

    The Garden State is considering a plan to implement instant replay at the high school level. According to a report from, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletics Association is exploring a pilot program with a few schools that voluntarily agree to participate in the program.

    Schools participating in the pilot would be required to have wireless tablets on the sidelines, where replays of game action from cameras in both end zones and the press box would be instantly available to referees.

    NJSIAA assistant director Jack DuBois is set to ask for approval for the program from the National Federation of State High School Associations in the next couple days.

    Carmine Picardo, the coordinator of football officials for NJSIAA, said that DuBois is going to try to feel the NFHS out and see if association leaders have any interest in replay review. “If they have an interest, we are going to sit down and write up a formal proposal to see if we can get them to give us permission next season to experiment with replay review,” Picardo told

    NJSIAA is considering a proposal that would include permission to review only plays involving fumbles, catches, touchdowns and out-of-bounds calls. 

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  • Katy ISD's $70 Million Legacy Stadium Reflects the Future

    by Paul Steinbach September 2017

    Mark Vander Voort was admittedly nervous as Hurricane Harvey made Texas landfall in August. Little more than a week earlier, he had attended the soft opening of Katy Independent School District's Legacy Stadium, which for years had drawn national headlines as its price tag approached $70 million — unprecedented at the prep level. As director of the project in suburban Houston, Vander Voort, a principal at HKS in Dallas, was relieved to learn that the 12,000-seat stadium's bowl and adjacent two-level locker room and office facility avoided flooding during the deluge (more than two feet of rain), thanks to the synthetic turf's drainage capabilities and a pump system that worked even after the power went out. It's just one value-added feature that Vander Voort says justifies the stadium's expense. Others include motion-sensing parking lot security, home and away upper decks, a press box with bookend hospitality suites, twin elevators, 24 concessions points of sale, and dedicated restrooms for marching bands. AB senior editor Paul Steinbach asked Vander Voort to share his vision.

  • Police Employ Pepper Spray to Disrupt Field Brawl

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    Visiting football team Canyon Springs of North Las Vegas had just won Basic High School's homecoming game, 20-15, Friday night in Henderson, Nev., when a fight broke out between players at midfield.

  • District Disciplines Football Players for Bullying

    by Jim Baumbach September 2017

    The Kings Park school district has disciplined several players on the junior varsity football team after an investigation into a locker room incident that Superintendent Timothy Eagen described as "bullying."

  • Rockford Breaks Norms to Improve Access to Activity

    by Mat Parker and Nick Povalitis September 2017

    Rockford, Ill., has seen its share of challenges over the past couple of decades — from rising poverty and crime to declining education and population — but a paradigm shift toward access is proving pivotal for the city's students and citizens alike.

  • Wisconsin HS Association Debates Adding Shot Clock

    by Mark Stewart September 2017

    Cost is a major concern. One price quoted during the meeting for a pair of clock was $3,400. Some also believe the addition of the shot clock is going to create a less attractive game and create more separation between the good and bad teams.

  • Athletes Displaced by Harvey Allowed to Play for School

    by Len Hayward September 2017

    The University Interscholastic League on Tuesday responded to a request from area districts seeking a plan that would allow displaced kids to enroll in one school but still play for their home school while it was closed.

  • High School Players Suspended After On-Field Fight

    by Diana C. Nearhos September 2017

    Emotions ran high between Fulton and Austin-East on Friday. Now, five players will pay for it by sitting out for a game.

  • Video: Iowa Prep Coach, QB Comment on Racist Photo

    by Andy Berg September 2017

    Yesterday we ran a story about five football players at a high school in Iowa that had been kicked off their team after a picture surfaced on social media of the boys wearing white hoods while standing next to a burning cross. A confederate flag also featured prominently in the photo and one of the boys was holding a rifle.