• Cheer Coach Fired from Past Job Over Forced Splits

    by Jason Scott August 2017

    Ozell Williams, the cheerleading coach at Denver-area East High School is facing intense scrutiny after videos of him forcing girls into the splits despite their agonized cries came to light.

  • Denver Police Investigate Cheer Coaches at East High

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    Denver Police launched an investigation Wednesday into coaching practices at East High School after an anonymous video was sent in to local news station 9Wants to Know.

  • Businesses Hit by HS T-Shirt Sponsorship Scam

    by Andy Berg August 2017

    Businesses should be wary of companies soliciting ads and sponsorships that claim to be in partnership with their local high schools.

    The latest to blow the whistle on the practice is Evanston Township High School in Evanston, Ill. Evanston Now reports that an Arizona-based company, T.K.O. Sports, has been trying to sell ads to businesses that they say will be printed on T-shirts, to be provided free at ETHS events.

    Chris Livatino, ETHS athletic director, told Evanston Now that he’d never heard of the company, which operates out of Fort Mohave, Ariz. Livatino warned that the company is definitely running a “scam.”

    Evanston Now contacted T.K.O. Sports to ask who had approved the partnership with ETHS but has not yet received a response from the company.

    The news comes after Hough High in Cornelius, N.C., alerted local businesses in early August of a similar scam. Boost Sports, which operates out of Texas, is calling businesses in the town of Lake Norman, where Hough is located, and asking if they want to buy things like Hough High t-shirts, banners and sponsorships.

    Hough High Athletic Club President Richard Colven said Boost claims it is working with Hough High but that isn’t the case. “They are taking advantage of that because people want to help out,” Colven said. “People want to get their names involved with local schools and people want to help the students.”

    According to a report from, Boost Sports isn’t even using the correct husky mascot on the printed items it’s selling.


  • Skin Infection Delays Start of HS Football Season

    by Jason Scott August 2017

    A bacterial infection among members of a high school football team in Arizona is delaying the start of the season.

  • MSHSL Requires Asthma Training for HS Coaches

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    In a recent study from the Minnesota Department of Health, it was found that 58 percent of middle and high school students in the state are involved in sports.

  • OSAA Recruits Student-Officials to Call Games

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    The dwindling number of qualified officials for student sports has been a topic of concern for decades. The combination of relatively low pay and a notoriety for taking abuse makes the job less than appealing for many, which in turn puts added strain on athletic programming.

  • Former Baseball Player Sues Coach for Benching Him

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    Former Los Altos High School student-athlete Robbie Lopez and his parent have leveled a lawsuit against varsity head baseball coach Gabriel Lopez, claiming that the coach’s attitude toward the player displays a “pattern of harassment and bullying.”

  • Delays Could Displace School’s Opening Games

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    After approving a $621,204 contract to replace the aging football field at Eagle High School with synthetic turf, the West Ada School District in Meridian, Idaho, is facing delays that threaten the first home games scheduled for August 24 and 25 at Thunder Stadium.

  • High School Blows Whistle on Phony Sponsorships

    by Andy Berg August 2017

    A high school in North Carolina is receiving some unexpected and unwanted attention from a company in Texas.

  • HS Sports Participation Reaches All-Time High

    by Jason Scott August 2017

     A survey conducted by the National Federation of State High School Associations found that more high school-aged students than ever before are participating in high school sports.