The Evolution Code Expands Its Nervous System Training Program Beyond Professional Athletes

SOURCE: The Evolution Code

The proprietary program, now available online, offers the only proven total body system that targets nervous system deficiencies to correct flawed movement, increase performance and limit risk of injury

PHOENIX, July 22, 2020 –  The Evolution Code, a program focused on the nervous system and proven to increase performance and decrease the risk of injury, today announces its availability online. For nearly 40 years, The Evolution Code has prepared Olympic (or elite) athletes and professional sports teams around the world for competition using specific programming designed to retrain the nervous system – the driver of all bodily systems. 

The program corrects improper movements and body positions that limit elite performance and increase the risk of injury by addressing the root cause: a compromised nervous system. The Evolution Code’s proprietary system trains for recovery from a specific display (e.g. running, jumping, hitting, throwing, etc.), which has yielded unparalleled results for athletes of all levels. 

“The nervous system controls everything, and it’s responsible for every single thing we do – our thoughts, emotions, communication, sight, movement, etc.,” said Jay Schroeder, Founder and Developer of The Evolution Code. “The Evolution Code conditions the nervous system so the brain, the muscles, the organs, everything works together to achieve mastery over your own humanity.”

Athletes at all levels – from youth to elite professionals – have experienced success from The Evolution Code’s system. Performance with an uncompromised nervous system yields increased strength, increased speed, improved agility, injury resistance, greater balance, faster reaction times, and more accurate movements.

“A highly functioning nervous system produces efficient movement, and I’m excited that the Evolution Code is widely available because our philosophy has the potential to unlock a multitude of fitness and health benefits for everyone,” Schroeder added. “For our professional athletes, mastery and efficient movements might lead to intuitively feeling like the fastest in the sport when they step on the ice, field, court, etc. without having to think about it. For a grandparent, this means feeling capable and being able to play golf, run after the grandkids, go for a walk, and not feeling limited by their body to certain activities or movements.” 

When users first sign up, video assessments are performed using Evolution Code performance indicators to evaluate nervous system preparedness, position and movement as it correlates to physical performance needs. Each individual then receives an online program tailored to their level of preparedness. The program can be performed with or without weight equipment, at a gym or at home.

The Evolution Code currently offers three program packages with varied pricing:

  • CODE 1 – Designed as an adjunct program to be used with any individual’s existing heath/fitness program. If followed diligently, it will correct any flaws or patterns developed during improper training and result in marked performance improvements. $19.99 per month. 

  • CODE 2 – Comprehensive program for teams to correct flaws or patterns developed during improper training and result in marked performance improvements, with the option to transition to the individual CODE 3 program at discount. Pricing available upon request. 

  • CODE 3 – The most advanced, individualized program offered, tailored to the user based upon the Evolution Code video assessment. Reflex patterns and arcs will be repaired and retrained, and performance enhancement will be significantly accelerated. $69.99 per month. 

For more information about The Evolution Code or to view its online programs, visit

About The Evolution Code

The Evolution Code has nearly 40 years of experience training athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and levels by conditioning and correcting the nervous system. The training program uses specific movements, over a specified duration that strengthens the nervous system, promoting better movement, elevating elite performance and decreasing the risk of injury. By focusing on training for recovery and mastering this program, the nervous system removes protective measures that hamper performance and enhances the ability to consistently perform better across any sport or movement.

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