Twin Cities Fitness Owners Tone Up Indoor Air Quality Inside Their Facilities


Adrenaline Sports Center and G-Werx® Fitness Install ISO-Aire™ Powerful, Proven, Commercial-Grade Purification Solutions During Latest Re-Opening Phase

SAINT PAUL, MN, UNITED STATES, February 2021 -- Taking proactive steps to reopen their gyms and athletic facilities safely, several Twin Cities fitness owners have raised the bar to improve their indoor air quality by installing ISO-Aire purification systems. Adrenaline Sports Center and G-Werx® Fitness recently added clean indoor air to their COVID-19 mitigation safeguards and are ensuring the air inside their facilities is “scrubbed” with proven medical-grade components to protect their clients, staff, and communities. Engineered with up to three layers of powerful clean air technology, ISO-Aire continuously captures and destroys 99.99% of airborne contaminants such as viruses and emerging variants, bacteria, mold, pollen, smoke, dust, and VOCs.

Adrenaline Sports Center in Ramsey, Minn. and G-Werx in South Minneapolis recently invested in ISO-Aire RSF1000 and RSF500 units, respectively. The RSF1000 housed in the bustling hallway at Jason Jacob’s Adrenaline Sports Center purifies the air 24/7 utilizing an offensive/defensive cleaning strategy that pairs HEPA filtration with ozone-free bipolar ionization. At G-Werx, owner, exercise equipment developer, and trainer Phil Martens chose an RSF500 with three layers of proven clean air technology adding a UVC sterilization component to the HEPA and bipolar ionization.

Adrenaline Sports: A Haven for Youth Leagues, Competition & Community Recreation

Adrenaline Sports Center reopened after an unexpected COVID-19 timeout hit hard in 2020 during the heart of the athletic season. Jacob explained reopening his popular facility meant gradually ramping up sports training programs while ensuring indoor air quality inside the 56,000 square-foot complex is at the highest possible levels. Air quality testing confirmed the air throughout the playing field was in great shape, but Jason decided to go the extra mile and install an ISO-Aire RSF1000 in the center's main hallway where foot traffic and interaction between groups is the highest.

"Having purified air in the main corridor near the restrooms and entrance helps keep us on the ultra-safe side to provide the cleanest air possible," Jacob explained. "ISO-Aire puts us one level up on the scale. As a facility that caters to youth sports and wellness, we're taking the extra steps needed to safeguard our community.”

With revenues down close to 40 percent due to COVID-19, Jacob and his team are being cautious as they rebuild. “We’re in this business for the right reasons, and we’re proud to provide a safe, healthy space for youth and families,” said Jacob. “It’s tricky because we sell space to people to practice, compete, and even host events like birthday parties. But during COVID-19 closures, we simply lost the monthly revenue brought in by renting space as we were not able to provide that service. We are still operating at reduced capacity levels while we are tracking who comes through the building, requiring masks, and keeping the air clean. We're doing everything possible and then some. Ultimately, the recovery process will take several years, but I know we’ll figure out the financial piece because we’re doing things the right way.”

G-Werx®: Award Winning Small Group Personal Training Studio

One of Martens’ clients suggested he look into installing ISO-Aire in his South Minneapolis location. He’s glad he did. “Participants in our program overwhelmingly feel much safer since we added the ISO-Aire unit. So do I. It was a significant investment but worth it,” Martens explained. “The unit processes the indoor air roughly twice per hour. With 25 minutes between sessions, clients feel peace of mind entering a refreshed environment. Several said they may have discontinued their workout sessions without it. When operating at below 50% capacity every client helps us stay afloat during these precarious times.”

Martens explained that many of his clients and their household members have pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and other vulnerabilities. “ISO Aire helps us, as a fitness and wellness business, go the extra mile to provide the safest possible environment to protect them all. We will also be glad to have it when the pandemic is behind us to help reduce transmission of the flu, common cold, and other airborne illnesses.”

With decades of experience in the fitness industry, the health and safety of his clients has always been a top priority. “We genuinely care about our clients and community, so installing the commercial air filtration system is a win-win. It’s an investment in the business and in the health and safety of people we love,” Marty noted. “Further G-Werx manufactures our proprietary equipment in Minnesota. And we were happy to purchase a filtration system from a local company that does the same.”

In addition to G-Werx Fitness and Adrenaline Sports Center, several other studios have installed ISO-Aire in their facilities including Defining You Pilates & Fitness in St. Paul. “We need tangible, proven solutions to help health and fitness centers reopen safely in our neighborhoods, and ISO-Aire is proud to be a trusted partner,” said Chuck Albers, ISO-Aire developer and owner of sister company Ducts and Cleats. “Our units not only capture and destroy airborne pathogens and pollutants, but ISO-Aire helps eliminate odors from locker room and restroom areas as well aerosol chemical vapors emitted from rubberized flooring and sanitizing sprays.”

About Iso-Aire
Born out of a response to protect communities from COVID-19, ISO-Aire delivers proven mitigation strategies that are recommended for indoor air quality established by ASHRAE and the Centers for Disease Control. Easy-to-install, ISO-Aire in-space units plug into a standard 110-volt outlet and are cleaning the air and protecting occupants in churches, schools, country clubs, restaurants, senior living centers, day care facilities, libraries, and more. Built to last in Minnesota for commercial and residential use, yet developed to operate quietly and safely, ISO-Aire and is available in 250CFM to 4,000CFM models. Learn more at

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