Source: Synthetic Turf Council ATLANTA - The Synthetic Turf Council (STC) has unveiled "SyntheticTurf 360°, A Guide for Today's Synthetic Turf" to showcase the numerous uses and benefits of synthetic turf. Available for download without charge, the education piece is the first comprehensive, annotated tool of its kind in the industry.

"We created this piece in response to requests from consumers, members, athletic directors, municipal officials and others," said Rick Doyle, president of the Synthetic Turf Council. "After much research, editing, and time, 'Synthetic Turf 360°' presents the latest thinking about today's synthetic turf in an attractive format."

"Synthetic Turf 360°" features information about athletic fields and the growing landscape and recreation category, which includes parks, playgrounds, homes, businesses, golf courses and more. Content covers environmental factors, safety, accessibility, costs and the various synthetic turf applications now available. This copyrighted STC document is free for use and sharing as long as it's not altered in any way. To access the piece, visit

Education is an important focus for the STC. Its website contains research, studies and position papers from federal agencies, governing bodies and independent sources worldwide. In addition to "Synthetic Turf 360°," other resources include "Reaching the Finish Line," which helps athletic directors interested in synthetic turf raise funds and build support, and technical papers including "Suggested Guidelines for the Essential Elements of Synthetic Turf Systems" and "Suggested Guidelines for the Maintenance of Infilled Synthetic Turf Surfaces."

About the Synthetic Turf Council

Based in Atlanta, the Synthetic Turf Council was founded in 2003 to promote the industry and to assist buyers and end users with the selection, use and maintenance of synthetic turf systems in sports field, golf, municipal parks, airports, landscape and residential applications. The organization is also a resource for current, credible and independent research on the safety and environmental impact of synthetic turf. Membership includes builders, landscape architects, testing labs, maintenance providers, manufacturers, suppliers, installation contractors, infill material suppliers and other specialty service companies. For more information, visit