Source: National Swimming Pool Foundation COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, June 14, 2012 - Android® smart phone users have been salivating over National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) Apps, patiently awaiting releases that will work for the Android platform. The non-profit educator announces that two of its service apps previously released for iPhone®/iPad® - the Pool Chemical Dosing App and the Saturation Index App - are both ready to download by Android platform users.

"Having both Android and iPhone capability makes life so much better for even more industry service pros," says Alex Antoniou, Ph.D., Director of Education at NSPF®. "We will continue to innovate apps that make sense for our service professionals, utilizing both platforms."

In addition, there are four training videos on YouTube to help service pros who are using the Pool Service Manager App. While, the Pool Service Manager App is currently available for iPhone or iPad platforms only, the foundation promises an Android version is coming very soon. "Pool management is truly now in the hands of the service pro, 24 hours a day. Running a service business is a tough job," says Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D, CEO of National Swimming Pool Foundation. "These high tech tools take the pain out of keeping track of all the details."

The Chemical Dosing App ($3.99) makes chemical dosing easier, faster, more accurate and safer for pool technicians, facility managers, water treatment managers and home pool and spa owners. Several tools within the app will help service pros properly calculate the amount needed to adjust chemicals to the required level. The user-friendly interface includes pre-loaded chemical formulas for the most commonly used pool chemicals, organized by category. Says one pro, "Best apps for pools on the market." Users can create and save personal dosing formulas based on label directions, and save pool information, which eliminates the need to recalculate pool volume each time they are poolside. They just pick the pool from those saved in the app.

The Saturation Index App ($2.99) provides all the tools needed to achieve properly balanced water. The app incorporates the five balance factors, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, temperature, and total dissolved solids. "Awesome App!" writes one user. "Very easy to use a quick calculation, all my techs use it and love it." The app also adjusts for cyanuric acid levels present in the water to get the right water balance.

Service pros using the Pool Service Manager App find they can be more efficient and improve their bottom line. The app makes it easy to schedule and record services, repairs, chemical test results, calculate and record water balance, chemical dosage, volume and flow rates, create and email shopping lists making supply pick ups more efficient, share work history and billing information with their main office, schedule recurring visits and many other functions. Pool Service Manager app purchasers also receive "NSPF Digital News," keeping them abreast of emerging issues and solutions.

The latest version has an invoice creation module, separate service and repair logs and a report wizard to make it easier to generate a report for a single or all customers. Additionally, GPS coordinates are also incorporated into all emails sent from the app; this verifies to customers and management that the service professional was poolside. The app now has a photo module, allowing the service tech to take and attach photos to the customer record. They can also email the photos to show the customer the pool is clean or to let them know about an issue in need of repair.

To purchase any of the apps available from National Swimming Pool Foundation, visit iTunes or the Google Play Store and search for National Swimming Pool Foundation, NSPF or the App name.

About NSPF® The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) is a non-profit organization founded in 1965, giving back about $4 million of all revenue since 2003 to fund grants to prevent illness, injury, and drowning, and to demonstrate the benefits of aquatic activity. The Foundation works towards its mission to encourage healthier living through aquatic education and research with its collection of educational products and training. Visit for more information.