Source: TRX

SAN FRANCISCO - TRX®, the creators of Suspension Training® bodyweight exercise, has announced the launch of the online TRX Directory. This first-ever database of trainers qualified in TRX Suspension Training and facilities that offer TRX training programs will serve as the international hub that connects consumers and businesses with TRX Professional Education Course graduates and qualified facilities in their area. The TRX Directory will also be a valuable marketing asset for fitness industry professionals and facilities as it will provide more visibility and exposure to expand their business and client base. The database will provide more than basic trainer contact information, but also provide their background and expertise. "The TRX Directory will prove to be an invaluable tool that further testifies TRX's commitment to not only supplying physical training products, education and exercise programs, but also hosting a convenient platform where consumers can seek out local trainers and locations that are well versed in this method," said TRX inventor and CEO Randy Hetrick. "We have been conducting thousands of education courses for trainers across the country and are excited to introduce the directory to the public so they can connect with these trainers and learn more about Suspension Training, wherever they are." In an effort to provide comprehensive search results for TRX qualified trainers and facilities, the directory will include only the 30,000-plus TRX Professional Education Course graduates worldwide and will initially include only qualified host facilities of TRX Professional Education courses and TRX R4® licensed facilities. About TRX

At TRX, our mission is to democratize world class training. We are committed to helping our customers achieve peak physical condition by creating exceptional physical training products and exercise programs that can be used anywhere. We will earn the trust of the world's most demanding consumers by creating best-in-class products that deliver results, not promises.