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Metro Parks is committing $7.5 million to purchase property at the Marble Cliff Quarry site for its newest and 20th Metro Park.

The Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks board of commissioners also approved $500,000 for environmental remediation at the site.

Metro Parks is creating a 220-acre park on the west side of the Scioto River and north of Trabue Road. In November, the board agreed to spend $1.86 million to buy the first 62 acres -- at $30,000 an acre -- from the owner, Marble Cliff Canyon LLC, a limited liability company created by Wagenbrenner Development, which is developing the rest of the 607-acre site into housing, retail and commercial office space.

The park district plans to spend an additional $5.64 million -- or $47,796 an acre -- to buy an additional 118 acres next year, said Tim Moloney, the parks executive director. Wagenbrenner is donating another 40 acres along the riverfront that will include a multi-use trail.

Moloney said the acreage was priced differently because some of the land was appraised at a higher value. He said the 118 acres was appraised at $57,500 an acre, but the parks received a discount.

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December 13, 2017


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