• Campus Officials, Police Defend Turf Field Protections

    by Paul Steinbach April 2019

    Prior to the 2016-17 academic year, Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, replaced three standard-sized athletic fields with multiple synthetic turf fields, and has been busy keeping unauthorized users off the fields ever since, according to a report in The Wichitan student newspaper.

  • STMA President Weighs In on Field-Drying Fires

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    Recently, we at AB Today spotted headlines of misguided individuals attempting to dry their baseball diamonds via an unusual and unwise method: gas fires.

  • Vandals in Vehicle Damage Athletic Fields

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    Athletic fields at a West St. Paul, Minn., sports complex were dealt at least $4,000 worth of damage by vandals on a joyride.

  • Ball Field Damaged by Gasoline-Fire 'Drying' Attempt

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    A Connecticut baseball field was severely damaged when someone poured gasoline on the infield and lit it on fire in an attempt to dry it more quickly.

  • Satellite Technology Assists Groundskeepers

    by Paul Steinbach April 2019

    Most motorists can't imagine life without GPS, and some literally find themselves lost without it. It may be too soon to say the same about the professionals and volunteers entrusted with maintaining sports fields, but satellite-assisted equipment has nonetheless made certain turf care tasks easier than ever.

  • Coach Contaminates Baseball Field, Causing Closure

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    A high school baseball field has been closed due to soil contamination allegedly caused by a school baseball coach.

  • Beckham Gets Green Light to Demolish Florida Stadiums

    by Andy Berg April 2019

    Soccer legend David Beckham and his partners have been given the green light to begin demolition of Lockhart and Fort Lauderdale Stadiums.

  • Saginaw Moves Forward with Outdoor Fitness Park

    by Andy Berg April 2019

    Saginaw, Mich., is looking to build a new outdoor fitness park where residents can get in a good workout while taking in some fresh air.

  • Turf Central to Revitalized Stadium, Neighborhood

    by Paul Steinbach April 2019

    Entering downtown Madison from the east, one can see Wisconsin's Capitol building for miles along East Washington Avenue. Until recently, the boulevard approach to that skyline-defining landmark was flanked by blocks of tired buildings and used car lots. One such structure was hardly identifiable from the street — a fortress-like wall of sandstone topped by stadium light fixtures and terminating in a grandstand curiously positioned within the grid.

  • New Projects: Xtream Arena | Regency Mall Aquatics Center | Rector Fieldhouse Renovation

    by Courtney Cameron April 2019

    Breaking Ground