• Adapt or Die: The New Requirements for LED Sports Lighting

    by Eaton's Ephesus Sports Lighting February 2019

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    For more than 50 years, sports lighting was simplistic.  You had one choice and it offered very little functionality. Facility operators became accustomed to the limitations of metal halide lights and worked around the inconveniences. Everyone was “happy,” or so they thought.  And then in 2012, LED sports lighting was introduced, and the expectations changed forever.

  • New Product Roundup: Lighting | Fitness | Graphics

    by AB Staff February 2019

    Check out the newest products as seen in the January | February 2019 issue.

  • Las Cruces Opens Outdoor Gym

    by Jason Scott February 2019

    Las Cruces, N.M., officially opened a new amenity for its community this week — the Las Cruces Fitness Court.

  • Five Practical Strategies to Incorporate Public Art into a Rec Center or Park

    by Stephen Springs January 2019

    Back in the 1960s, a piece of playground equipment dubbed the “Rocket” was erected at  Heights Park in Richardson, Texas. The sleek and towering replica of a rocket — with four levels of steel bars punctuated with a bright red nosecone, fins and a slide — reflected the spirit of technology and space exploration that helped define Richardson in that era. The city is home to Texas Instruments and birthplace of the silicon transistor and the integrated circuit.

  • City Approves $2.2 Million Inclusive Baseball Facility

    by Courtney Cameron January 2019

    The City of Abbotsford, British Columbia, has approved construction to Grant Park that will include the addition of three new baseball fields, according to The Abbotsford News.

  • Replacement For Crumb Rubber Hits Artificial Turf Market (Sponsored)

    by AB Editors January 2019

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    Brock USA, the leading manufacturer of shock pads for artificial turf fields, has released the aptly named “BrockFILL” – the first affordable and durable organic replacement for crumb rubber. In late 2014 Brock USA began assembling a team of researchers from universities, sports testing labs, PhD scientists, engineers, horticulturists, and human test subjects.  For three years the team worked to identify, test, and validate natural infill materials that could meet a long list of objectives. One material not only met, but exceeded the team’s expectations.

  • Report: Spending on Parks and Trails Pays Dividends

    by Jason Scott January 2019

    A report released this week by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department suggests that outdoor recreation saves the state more than $1 billion annually, and that more funding is needed to increase the benefits of outdoor recreation.

  • City of Cleveland Approves $2M Donation from Indians

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    The Cleveland City Council has approved a major donation from the Cleveland Indians, which will be allocated to improve local baseball fields.

  • Proposed Field Tabled by Wetlands Commission

    by Courtney Cameron January 2019

    A project pitch by Quinnipiac University of Hamden, Conn., was put on hold after a lengthy meeting with the Hamden Inland Wetlands Commission Wednesday night.

  • Park to Upgrade Softball Field

    by Marie Wilson December 2018

    The first upgrade to Naperville's Knoch Park after the final Ribfest at the site concludes next summer will be a renovation to a softball field used by Naperville Unit District 203. The district plans to improve and relocate the Naperville Central High School varsity girls softball team's home field in the park starting July 8 at a projected cost of $800,000. The project is part of a list of planned renovations for the park that will make it impossible for its largest summer tenant — the Exchange Club of Naperville's Ribfest celebration — to take place there anymore after 2019. Dan Bridges, Naperville Unit District 203 superintendent, said during a school board meeting in October that the softball field project will help address a concern that the field used by Naperville Central softball players isn't up to snuff when compared to the softball site at in-district rival Naperville North High School or to the baseball fields used by either school. "This project will bring this (field) in line and bring it up to an equitable standard of those facilities," Bridges said. The work is planned to begin next summer and conclude in time for the field to be used for softball competition in spring 2020. Bob Ross, District 203's chief operating officer, said work will include relocating the field east of its current site, so it sits south of the varsity baseball field in the park.