• Tennis Courts to Be Repaired, Reduced

    by Sully Witte April 2018

    Mount Pleasant, S.C., resident Charles Claus started a petition recently to convince town officials to ask for a variance to rebuild three tennis courts on Royall Avenue rather than the allowable two.

  • Park Upgrade Could Provide Benefits to Neighborhood

    by Mick Zawislak April 2018

    A big project at Heartland Park is expected to bring more than new playground equipment to the Clublands of Antioch, Ill., neighborhood. True, the small merry-go-round, tall slides and new swings will raise the entertainment bar from tot lot status and provide options for older kids. Baggo courts will be nice for adults and an overhaul of the park's centerpiece landscaping feature is considered a must-have to improve the appearance of the signature park and community gathering place. But an estimated $200,000 investment by homeowners in the long, linear park between Club Lake Drive and Neuway Lane also is considered another step in the slow revival of Clublands, which was left adrift and inactive with the bankruptcy of Neumann Homes in 2007. During the bankruptcy and the period before the arrival of Elmhurst developer Troy Mertz, the homeowners association managed and maintained the property south of Route 173 at Savage Road on the village's east side.

  • Board Approves $765K for Field Replacement

    by David Olson April 2018

    On April 10, the Syosset-Woodbury town board unanimously approved accepting the $765,400 bid to replace synthetic turf at a community park athletic field.

  • Plans for Athletic Facility Turf, Lighting Move Ahead

    by Margaret Fosmoe April 2018

    School Field in South Bend, Ind., will have artificial turf and new state-of-the-art field lighting installed by the start of football season in August.

  • High School to Install Synthetic Turf Field

    by Lauren Rohr April 2018

    Construction on the $1.2 million artificial turf athletic field at St. Charles East High School likely will begin with preliminary work next month before picking up when school lets out in June.

  • Schools Share Field Lighting Upgrade Success Stories

    by Paul Steinbach April 2018

    One high school wished to control light spilling from its multipurpose field so neighbors would no longer feel the need to drape blankets over their windows at night. Another school wanted to improve athlete safety on its soccer field by replacing 18-year-old fixtures that had degraded to such an extent that spill light was of little concern. A university sought to intensify its baseball field lighting to broadcast levels with an eye toward one day hosting NCAA postseason play.

  • Construction to Start on Park's Playground, Exercise Course

    by Teresa Sharp April 2018

    Construction of a new playground and exercise course at Liberty (Big Lou Sirianni) Park, at the corner of Forest Avenue and 19th Street, will get underway this Spring. The project was voted for by the residents of Niagara Falls, through the city's Participatory Budgeting Process, giving the public direct control of neighborhood spending.

  • Snow No Match for White Sox Groundskeeper

    by Scot Gregor April 2018

    Roger Bossard joined the Chicago White Sox's grounds crew in 1967, working for his father Gene. Roger took over as head groundskeeper in 1983, and this is his 52nd season on the job.

  • MLB Deals with Snowy Start to New Season

    by Ben Walker April 2018

    Steady and sure-handed, Minnesota Twins second baseman Brian Dozier is a confident mitt man. But the Gold Glover didn't feel that way this week, standing in the snow globe of PNC Park in Pittsburgh. "I always want the ball to hit to me, but that was the one time where I was hoping it wouldn't be hit my way," Dozier said. "It would have been very tough trying to catch a popup in those conditions." From Yankee Stadium to Great American Ball Park to Comerica Park, the big winner so far this season is the wintry mix. Eight games already postponed amid a chilly spring, several others held in frosty settings.

  • Snow Wreaks Havoc on Spring Sports

    by Jason Scott April 2018

    Around this time of year, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is typically busy with the routine maintenance work of getting the community’s outdoor athletics fields ready for the spring sports season.