• Pickleball Club, School Officials Clash Over City Courts

    by Paul Steinbach August 2019

    A pickleball club in Redmond, Ore., would like the city to paint permanent pickleball lines on city tennis courts, but local high school officials are against the idea.

  • Buffalo Latest to Find High Lead Levels at Parks

    by Andy Berg August 2019

    Following the closure of three Washington, D.C., playgrounds that tested for elevated levels of lead, dozens of pieces of playground equipment are now off limits in Buffalo, N.Y., for the same reason. 

  • Yanks, White Sox Face Off in 2020 at 'Field of Dreams'

    by Andy Berg August 2019

    Major League Baseball has announced that the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox will face off in the cornfields of Iowa.

  • Three D.C. Playgrounds Close Amid Lead Concerns

    by Jason Scott August 2019

    Three Washington, D.C., playgrounds have been closed after testing for elevated levels of lead, DCist reports

  • What to Consider When Embarking on A High School Branding Strategy

    by Andy Berg August 2019

    The small, tight-knit community of Elkhorn, Wis., isn't short on pride or support for its schools and athletics programs. The town has passed a pair of referendums over the past five years, approving monies for upgrades to everything from the Elks' academic and common areas in different buildings across the district to gymnasiums, expanded tennis courts, new turf for its football field, and a major practice and fitness facility for the high school called The Agility Center. Each of these projects was approached with an eye toward ensuring that the projects themselves speak for and about "The Herd."

  • Residents Frustrated by Homeless in Local Parks

    by Andy Berg August 2019

    Residents in Bakersfield, Calif., are frustrated with the state of the community parks, saying that they’ve become a haven for the homeless.

  • PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 2019: Stadiums and Outdoor Surfaces

    by Courtney Cameron August 2019

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  • How Synthetic Turf Revitalized an Outdoor Stadium and Enhanced a College’s Profile

    by Arash Izadi August 2019

    Expectations were high when Southern California's El Camino College Athletic Education and Fitness Complex opened in 2016. The newly built Murdock Stadium's sparkling synthetic turf upended a nearly 60-year tradition of natural grass, and many wondered whether it would successfully serve the day-to-day needs of athletes and community members.

  • Purchasing Guide: Outdoor Tracks

    by AB Staff August 2019

    Whether you're refurbishing an existing track or constructing a new one, you have a lot of decisions to make. The type of surface you choose is perhaps the most important of all, as it will depend on your available financial resources and determine everything from athlete health and performance to future maintenance needs. Your provider should be able to offer suggestions on which surface is right for you based on where your facility is located, as well as your region's climate — including temperature, precipitation and general weather patterns. All of these factors will need to be balanced with cost. Here's an overview of the types of surfaces available and some of their advantages and disadvantages.

  • New Product Roundup: Aquatics | Fitness | Cryo Therapy

    by Courtney Cameron August 2019

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