• New Projects: Paso Robles Aquatic Complex | OSU Baseball Stadium | Viking Pavilion

    by Courtney Cameron June 2018

    Breaking Ground

  • Park Begins to Take Shape with Play Areas, Splash Pad

    by Nina Culver June 2018

    The long planned and much anticipated Orchard Park is finally taking shape in Liberty Lake, Wash., in the River District, bringing play areas and meadows to the neighborhood north of Interstate 90 and west of Harvard Road. The 11-acre park is located at the southwest corner of Indiana Avenue and Harvest Parkway, though neither street has been finished yet. The land, which was donated to the city, is on the eastern edge of the development, and will be surrounded by homes and apartments when the area is fully built out. What is being built now is Phase 1 of the park, said Liberty Lake City Administrator Katy Allen. The city had hoped to build it all at once, but they did not win a hoped-for grant and construction bids came in higher than expected.

  • Inclusive Playground Debuts, Delighting Children

    by Laura McKenzie June 2018

    On Wednesday, May 30 a ribbon-cutting was held for new all-inclusive playground equipment at Lemon Park.

  • Rec Fields Short of Votes Required

    by Telegram & Gazette June 2018

    It wasn’t a good night for recreational fields at Monday’s annual town meeting. Town residents voted 219-118 in favor of spending up to $6.7 million to design, rebuild and equip additional recreational fields.

  • Tips for the Perfect Sports Lighting Specs (Sponsored)

    by Eaton's Ephesus Sports Lighting June 2018

    This sponsored content was provided by Eaton's Ephesus Lighting. What is sponsored content?

    As operators and owners of sports facilities of all sizes consider switching from legacy lighting to energy-efficient and controllable state-of-the-art LED sports lighting, it’s important that they begin the process with a clean slate.  Even though LED lights serve the same purpose as legacy lighting products, the technological advances have made old design requirements as antiquated as the metal halide fixtures.

  • World Baseball Academy Project Benefits Teams

    by Aubree Reichel June 2018

    Three high school- and college-sized fields have replaced the 1980s-construction youth fields, complete with artificial turf infields and natural grass outfields.

  • Designated Spaces Bring Fitness Programming Outdoors

    by Courtney Cameron June 2018

    There's an age-old question that is almost as common in a learning environment as "When are we ever going to use this?" It goes, "Can we have class outside?" At the University of Oregon, that answer is yes — at least, if the class in question is part of any one of the school's group exercise programs or its for-credit Introduction to CrossFit physical education class.

  • Plant-Based Infills Gain Traction in Turf Market

    by Paul Steinbach June 2018

    The driving question for synthetic turf manufacturers has long been, "How do we build fields that best mimic natural grass?" But an increasing number of companies — not only turf system manufacturers, but others that don't deal directly in the marketing of turf fibers — are asking a different question, "How do we replace crumb rubber as an infill?"

  • Schools Share Field Lighting Upgrade Success Stories

    by Paul Steinbach May 2018

    One high school wished to control light spilling from its multipurpose field so neighbors would no longer feel the need to drape blankets over their windows at night. Another school wanted to improve athlete safety on its soccer field by replacing 18-year-old fixtures that had degraded to such an extent that spill light was of little concern. A university sought to intensify its baseball field lighting to broadcast levels with an eye toward one day hosting NCAA postseason play.

  • Parks and Rec Commission Highlights Field Improvements

    by Telegram & Gazette May 2018

    First, we are particularly delighted to bring attention to the new playground and pavilion open to use by all Clinton residents and surrounding towns. Given the high volume of athletic and community events at the fields, it made sense to convert some of the remaining open space to a more universal purpose, as well as a comfortable place to sit and view the sporting events happening all around. Particularly noteworthy is the newly-paved pathway sporting ADA accessibility for our patrons on wheels and encouraging stroller-friendly use. There are no plans to pave a path from the road to the current walkway as people are encouraged to use the parking area and access the sidewalk to the amenities. Keep a lookout for the new drinking fountain to be installed as well. A more modern “bottle filler” was selected to accommodate varied use among athletes, spectators and the public at large. Folks can inquire about renting the pavilion at the recreation office (978-365-4140) for current rates, rental schedule and policies.