• Market for Outdoor NHL Games Cooling Off

    by Jason Mackey October 2017

    Demand for the 2011 Winter Classic between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals sent secondary market prices skyrocketing to $489 on average, as fans filled standing room-only sections at Heinz Field.

  • How Youth Sports Tournaments Became Big Business

    by Andy Berg October 2017

    Used to be your average weekend youth baseball or soccer tournament was played within miles of home, usually among teams from nearby communities. To paint it Rockwellian, Mom and Dad brought lawn chairs and a cooler packed with lunch. Grandma and Grandpa came if the weather was nice. Team entry fees were minimal and the local umps or referees got the call right most of the time.

  • Moles, Skunks Force High School Football Move

    by Andy Berg October 2017

    A high school football team is being forced out of its home field by an inundation of varmints.

  • Product Spotlight 2017: Stadiums | Outdoor Surfaces

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

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  • Surfacing the Modern Track and Field Facility

    by Paul Steinbach September 2017

    It’s not uncommon for the history of decades-old stadiums to include a renovation that removed their running track in the interest of increased seating and better sightlines for the venue’s primary purpose — football. The result has been an uptick in the design of self-contained track-and-field facilities. When football (and/or soccer) is out of the picture, a track’s interior is free to host field events in a manner both operationally efficient and optimal for athlete performance.

  • All-Abilities Sports Facility Set to Open

    by Mark Pace September 2017

    Starting this weekend, people of all ages with special needs no longer will have to watch from the bleachers. A new state-of-the art facility at Warner Park with a baseball diamond, playground and multi-sport field for The Miracle League, a sports league designed for people with special needs, will open Saturday at 8:45 a.m. with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Baseball games and other activities will take place all morning.

  • Commission Hopes to Replace Bleachers at Ballfield

    by Telegram & Gazette September 2017

    From the Little League donated netting across the diamond to the goalposts and fading lines of the gridiron, Fuller Field is an expanse of manicured grass until the temporary fence...

  • $15M Park Renovation Project on Track for 2018 Opening

    by Ben Calwell September 2017

    Putnam County Parks and Recreation Director Jarrod Dean, who is also acting as project manager on the renovations, said the completed, all-new Valley Park will be a destination facility for sports teams and other groups and will be an economic driver for Putnam County.

  • Township Attempting to Revive Youth Ballpark

    by Thomas Langhorne September 2017

    In Vanderburgh County's fastest-growing area, township government is trying — at taxpayer expense and with limited success — to revive a youth softball and baseball tradition.

  • Town Nears Completion of New Outdoor Court

    by Rickey Ciapha Dennis Jr. September 2017

    A former worn-down tennis court that featured weeds sprouting through cracked cement has been transformed into an outdoor basketball court.