• Amid Controversy, Town Clarifies Tennis Court Rules

    by Jenna-Ley Harrison August 2018

    While a small group of community members are upset over the frequently reserved tennis courts at Doty Park, town officials have clarified some of the rules about when the public can use the courts. Parks and Recreation Manager Doyle Best told the Journal Scene Thursday that at least two of the courts at the property on North Laurel Street stay permanently reserved but that anyone can access the courts and play on them until the group that reserved the court arrives. "For instance, if you...arrived to play tennis and court 5 was reserved for a league team practice, you...could utilize court 5 until that league team arrived," Best said via email.

  • Plant-Based Infills Gain Traction in Turf Market

    by Paul Steinbach August 2018

    The driving question for synthetic turf manufacturers has long been, "How do we build fields that best mimic natural grass?" But an increasing number of companies — not only turf system manufacturers, but others that don't deal directly in the marketing of turf fibers — are asking a different question, "How do we replace crumb rubber as an infill?"

  • Sports Lighting: Adapt and Survive in Ever-Changing World (Sponsored)

    by Eaton's Ephesus Sports Lighting August 2018

    This sponsored content was provided by Eaton's Ephesus Lighting.

    One of the biggest concerns sports facility operators express when making the decision to convert their venue from high intensity discharge (HID) to LED sports lighting is the fear that they will replace their antiquated system with new technology that will soon be obsolete. This “analysis paralysis” has stopped countless number of sports facility operators, players and fans from benefiting from the power of LED sports lighting.

  • Transit Station Soccer Pitch Proves a Hit

    by April Hunt August 2018

    Since opening in mid-October 2016, Station Soccer, a soccer field at the Five Points MARTA station, has scored a goal with Atlantans and made its mark as the world's first soccer field at a transit station.

  • Poor Air Quality Limits Outdoor Rec Options

    by Jim Allen August 2018

    For the third day in a row, Spokane's Air Quality Index was suspended in the 150s range — a gray zone for anyone contemplating strenuous outdoor activity.

  • High School Begins Practice on New Field

    by Lee Horton August 2018

    Monday morning was the first day of fall sports practices in Maine, and the first time the Blue Devils were able to set foot on the new, improved and relocated Don Roux Field.

  • Soccer to Return to Campus After Lighting Install

    by Mark Giannotto August 2018

    University of Memphis soccer games are on the verge of returning to campus. Friday, school officials announced a $500,000 project that will provide lighting to the Billy J. Murphy Track and Soccer complex on the university's Park Avenue campus. Upon completion, all home games played by the Tigers' men's and women's soccer teams are expected to take place there.

  • Youths Cause $5K in Damage to Softball Fields

    by Mike Kurilovitch August 2018

    A group of juveniles is suspected of setting fires Thursday night that damaged the synthetic turf of two Niagara Falls School District softball fields.

  • UNH Plans New Lacrosse, Soccer Facility

    by Matt McSorley August 2018

    The University of New Hampshire will break ground on the first phase of a new soccer and lacrosse facility in early August. The facility will be 100 percent privately funded.

  • Park to Install New Playground Equipment

    by Cheryl McCormack August 2018

    Mandan's William Bauknecht Park is set to receive a new playground, which will replace equipment that dates back to 1996.