• HS Approves Synthetic Turf Field, Other Upgrades

    by Craig Brueske May 2018

    Last month, the St. Charles East Athletic Boosters announced a fundraising initiative to renovate various athletic facilities during the 40th anniversary of students attending the high school at the Dunham Road campus.

  • How to Maintain Playable and Safe Infield Dirt

    by Paul Steinbach April 2018

    America's pastime is a time-consumer. Just ask anyone entrusted with prepping a baseball playing surface, which can encompass as many as four distinct surface types. Today, a single baseball field might feature natural grass, synthetic turf, a screened-gravel warning track and finally an infield mix that may represent several different concentrations of sand and clay based on location on the diamond.

  • Tennis Courts to Be Repaired, Reduced

    by Sully Witte April 2018

    Mount Pleasant, S.C., resident Charles Claus started a petition recently to convince town officials to ask for a variance to rebuild three tennis courts on Royall Avenue rather than the allowable two.

  • Snow Wreaks Havoc on Spring Sports

    by Jason Scott April 2018

    Around this time of year, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is typically busy with the routine maintenance work of getting the community’s outdoor athletics fields ready for the spring sports season.

  • ETFE Screens Enhance The Pavilion Skating Experience

    by Paul Steinbach February 2018

    Bend Parks and Recreation District executive director Don Horton envisioned an open-air ice facility for the central Oregon community 10 years ago, before ETFE emerged as an innovative building skin material for Beijing's National Aquatics Center at the 2008 Olympics.

  • Partnership Will Build 50 Mini Soccer Fields

    by Jason Scott December 2017

    A partnership between the Chicago Fire, the U.S. Soccer Federation, the city of Chicago and the wealthiest person in Illinois will bring new places to play to underserved areas in the city.

  • New Product Roundup: Turf | Scoreboard | Workout Solutions

    by AB Staff December 2017

    Check out the newest products as seen in the November | December 2017 issue.

    Power Systems
    The brand-new Power Systems Axle is an ultra-light barbell that is fully collapsible for easy storage in any training facility, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and easily portable for a workout on the go. This unique piece of equipment can function as a barbell, core roller, planking tool, or foot anchor for core exercises. It's also capable of holding Olympic plates for added resistance. Programming is available for hundreds of exercises in a wide range of vertical and horizontal planes.
    (800) 321-6975

    After 40,000 hours of research and testing, FieldTurf introduces the new FieldTurf CORE, the first multilayer super fiber. FieldTurf CORE reinvents the playing field and redefines the player experience. The dual-polymer fiber design optimizes the system's performance, delivering a more durable, resilient and realistic grass-like shape. FieldTurf CORE has earned Labosport's highest Fiber Performance Score to date.
    (800) 724-2969

    The SMARTfit™ action-based play approach provides fitness centers with a functional workout solution that is inclusive, fun and conducive to team building. This system develops balance, cognitive function, cardiovascular fitness and range of motion through its unique combination of enjoyable, scalable and trackable physical activity, which provides a solid foundation for daily life skills. SMARTfit's app-driven programming can be tailored to the physical, motor and skill levels of the users.
    (805) 383-0080 Ext. 110




    Nicros prides itself on offering the finest products and services in the climbing industry. Years of experience allow the company to push the boundaries of innovation. Nicros' new line of handholds, made from proprietary urethane, redefines high quality. The company offers a variety of handholds that allow for endless possibilities. With an updated website, it's now easier than ever to browse and buy for both retail and wholesale customers.
    (800) 699-1975



    Kay Park Recreation Corp.
    The new Solar Charging Station Table by Kay Park enables patrons to charge mobile devices while making use of fitness, athletics and recreation facilities. Available with or without a protective umbrella, the Solar Charging Station Table is a valuable addition to any outdoor venue.
    (800) 553-2476




    TransLux Corporation
    Now the largest in-arena scoreboard in the world, the new Trans-Lux center-hung display is four stories high. The video screens are the equivalent of 1,300 50-inch televisions, and the pixel count is more than 29 million. With a square footage of 9,585 feet, the scoreboard is more than three times the size of the average single-family home in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.
    (512) 426-2643




    This article originally appeared in the November | December 2017 issue of Athletic Business with the title "New & Improved." Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.


  • Houston Couple Debuts Bootcamp for LGBTQ Community

    by Courtney Cameron December 2017

    Last month, Karen Morgan — full-time volleyball director at St. John’s School in Houston, Texas — debuted the city’s latest community fitness offering, BK Bootcamp.

  • Field Manager Takes Spotlight at Big Ten Title Game

    by Jason Scott December 2017

    Nobody expects the hero of a college football conference championship game to not be wearing a uniform, but that’s exactly the scenario that played out during Saturday’s Big Ten Conference Championship game between Ohio State and Wisconsin.

  • How LED is Transforming the Industry

    by AB Staff November 2017

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