• Ball Bearings

    by Paul Steinbach March 2007

    Players and Ph.D.s alike have taken shots at the projectiles used in professional basketball, football and baseball.

  • Ground Rules

    by Michael Popke January 2007

    The seeds of successful turfgrass management are sown with off-season planning.

  • A Majority of Division I-A Football Programs Now Use Synthetic Turf

    by Paul Steinbach November 2006

    A majority of NCAA Division I-A programs now play football on synthetic turf, but natural surfaces still thrive among the nation's elites.

  • A Harvard Researcher Focuses on Perps to Stop Crime in Parks

    by Marvin Bynum September 2006

    A Harvard researcher believes crime can be driven from parks by making perpetrators feel unsafe.

  • Pest Practices

    by Michael Popke June 2006

    How to fight (and beat) the weeds, diseases and insects that attack your athletic fields

  • Light Reading

    by Marvin Bynum May 2006

    Last year, two roads diverged in the sports field lighting industry. One company took the road less traveled - a path it claims leads to energy efficiency - and since then, that has made all the difference.

  • The Ground Up

    by Paul Steinbach April 2006

    From site selection to subgrade preparation to seed and sod implementation, there's more to constructing a natural-grass athletic field than meets the eye.

  • Timing is Everything

    by Paul Steinbach January 2006

    Quality sports turf maintenance requires a keen eye and careful scheduling.

  • Dream Weaving

    by Scot Hunsaker August 2005

    Condensing multiple visions into one is an involved yet necessary step in the process of planning outdoor aquatic facilities.

  • Balanced Beams

    by Christopher Fote March 2005

    Outdoor sports field lighting design must satisfy end-user safety requirements without sacrificing the quality of life of neighboring residents.