Augie Nieto, the founder of Life Fitness and inspirational leader in the fight against ALS, will be featured on CNN this week. The cable news network is running a three-part special on ALS and how families cope with the disease. CNN's Suzanne Malveaux, whose mother has ALS, will anchor the coverage.

ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, is a fatal fast-moving disease affecting the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. According to CNN, "a person who has ALS loses their ability to control their voluntary muscles and eventually cannot swallow, speak, breathe, or move."

Shortly after being diagnosed with the disease in 2005, Nieto and his wife Lynne started Augie's Quest, a foundation designated to finding a cure for ALS. Since its founding, Augie's Quest has raised more than $37 million.

CNN's feature on Nieto is scheduled to air Wednesday. From

"Augie's Quest, the cure for ALS, will conclude the series. It follows Augie Nieto, the founder of Life Fitness equipment manufacturer who after being diagnosed with ALS eight years ago attempted suicide. After surviving, Augie was dedicated to finding a cure and launched his foundation, Augie's Quest raising $37 million dollars. Nieto communicates by tapping his toes and has enlisted the fitness community with the support of ZUMBA to fundraise for ALS."

Nieto refuses to give in in his fight against the disease. At the IHRSA Convention this year, AB was on hand as Nieto demonstrated his strength on an Octane Fitness recumbent bike, an incredible feat for anyone with the disease.

Check back later for an update on the CNN feature.

elizabeth Gebler Friday, 26 July 2013
My son, Guy Gebler, has ALS for over 4 years and he is wheelchair bound and, of course, feeling the illness in many ways. He is blessed with a devoted wife and I help out for some daily LPN for 4 hours a day...his wife is a fulltime nurse. OK, how does Guy get more help as it is needed. We are NOT wealthy people. Kathy works and I am a retired teacher helping out with his deceased Dad's pension from teaching......HOW CAN GUY GET MORE AID?
HELP !!!!!!!!!
I worked for Life Fitness for 7 yrs. God Bless Augie. he is truly an inspiration to all those with ALS . He was ready to give up but was able to regroup pick himself up and pursue his endeavor for a cure of this awful disease. I wish him all the luck love and success in his journey.