• Exhibitors Look Forward to 2013 AB Conference & Expo

    by September 2013

    Terry Haskell was an athletic director at William Penn College (now University) in Oskaloosa, Iowa, when he attended his first Athletic Business Conference & Expo more than 30 years ago.

  • True Stories Behind the Biggest Names in Fitness

    by Michael Gaio September 2013

    Fitness is an industry of entrepreneurs and visionaries, where innovation can change the world.

    In a new podcast series, "Gym Class: Heroes of Fitness," Athletic Business, the iClubs Conference and software provider Motionsoft have joined forces to bring the fitness industry's biggest and brightest entrepreneurs and visionaries to life. These men and women join Motionsoft's hilarious hosts Hossein Noshirvani and Leigh Kessler to tell their personal stories and explain how they took their big ideas from vision to reality.

  • Athletic Departments Apply Disney Principles to Game Day

    by Paul Steinbach January 2013

    A young boy attending an Arizona State University football game last fall slipped and skinned his knee. Nothing unusual about that, except for what happened next. An usher at Sun Devil Stadium flagged down Sparky, the ASU mascot, and introduced him to the child at a first-aid station. The costumed character promptly cleaned the wound, applied a bandage and escorted the boy to field level for a photo.

  • ABC: Breathtaking Superdome Tour

    by Andrew Cohen November 2012

    My stepmother swears this really happened: A friend of hers moved years ago to New York City from Kansas, and when he emerged from the escalator at Penn Station onto 34th Street, his sweeping gaze up the majestic canyon of surrounding buildings was interrupted by a cabbie standing at the curb, who said to him, "Hold a lot of hay, wouldn't it?"

  • ABC: An Entertaining Look Inside UNO's Lakefront Arena

    by Paul Steinbach November 2012

    Prince, the diminutive pop icon, requires his dressing room to be completely black, so as to allow for the black-lighting of the neon-colored art that accompanies him on the road.

  • How High School ADs Can Rein in Questionable Coaching Behavior

    by Michael Popke December 2011

    The final months of 2011 brought almost weekly stories of high school coaches misbehaving.

  • ABC 2011: First Day Is a Success

    by Emily Attwood December 2011

    As the opening day of the 2011 Athletic Business Conference & Expo came to a close Thursday night, it was judged a clear success by all accounts - exhibitors, attendees and the ABC staff, including exhibits director Adam O'Brien.

  • ABC Attendees Mean Business

    by Andrew Cohen October 2011

    Industry veterans who have been around long enough to remember the first incarnation of the Athletic Business Conference & Expo - at this point, "old-timers" may be the only appellation that fits - recall it more for its congenial atmosphere than any equipment or educational materials they might have seen displayed on the 62 tables arranged around the downtown Chicago Marriott Hotel "salon" ballroom.

  • Campus Rec Centers Serve as Incubators for Professional Development

    by Andrew Cohen March 2011

    Nick Davidson came to Davenport University five and a half years ago as a part-time assistant men's basketball coach and was soon put in charge of recreation and intramurals.

  • AB Conference: Expo Among the Largest In Years

    by Paul Steinbach December 2010

    When the San Diego Convention Center doors opened Thursday on the expo portion of the 2010 Athletic Business Conference & Expo, conference attendees accessed the largest gathering of athletics, fitness and recreation vendors that ABC has seen since 2008, and the fourth largest in the past 13 years.